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Fit over 40

One of my clients recently shared that working with me for the last few weeks has not only produced steady and consistent weight loss, but she hasn’t missed out on anything she enjoys doing. She still relishes meals but has learned why her old routine wasn’t working and is happily […]

How to Help a Vet by Giving the Power of Music

Guitars for Vets Nebraska is celebrating its eighth anniversary of putting the healing power of music in the hands of our heroes. Our team would like to thank every sponsor, donor, and volunteer that has rallied behind our mission and made this possible. With the success of 2023 still fresh […]

Thinking of Becoming Your Own Boss?

Entrepreneurship in America is on the rise, as millions of current employees contemplate the possibility of becoming their own boss. According to recent statistics, there are approximately 31 million U.S. entrepreneurs representing 16% of today’s workforce. Why do people choose to become their own boss? Most favor the freedom, flexibility, […]


How to Pack and Look Stylish When Traveling

Packing for a trip can be stressful, especially if you’re limited to a carry-on bag. However, with a bit of planning and smart packing techniques, you can pack for seven days of outfits in a carry-on bag and look amazing! Here are some tips to help you pack efficiently for […]

bedroom closet

Quick, Easy Professional Home Organizing Tips

An organized home can add function, ease, and overall peace of mind to your life. NEAT Method Omaha, a professional home organizing company, has some helpful tips on getting your home more organized, whether you are trying to create new organized habits or preparing to sell or purchase a home. […]

man and woman

Muscle Quality Matters More than Movement Quantity

At The Exercise Coach® we are on a mission to be the perfect fit for people who feel that standard workouts don’t work for them. Standard workouts and the associated guidelines are responsible for keeping 85% of people frustrated on the sidelines. These fitness approaches don’t fit nicely into the […]


The Right Photo Matters for First Impressions

“I’m not letting that guy see me naked!” A friend of mine asked for referrals for Omaha’s best masseuse. That guy came highly recommended, but when my friend looked him up online, she saw a duck-lipped selfie shot from that guy’s car while wearing a backwards ball cap. He lost […]


A Family-focused Furniture Store Stuck to its Roots

When it comes to your home furnishing purchases, you have choices. Furniture shopping has been redefined by a plethora of online websites, big box stores, and you can even find your next living room sofa at a national home improvement store or even grocery store. But at Ernie’s in Ceresco, […]

doctor and patient

Better Patient Education for Services

We’ve all been there—whether it’s at the dentist, the dealership, or somewhere completely different, there’s a good chance you’ve paid for a service you didn’t fully understand. It happens all too commonly, particularly in today’s warp-speed world, and I believe it’s something we should all be focused on changing. This […]


Let your Fireworks Display be Astonishing

Well known for its love of fireworks, Nebraska’s pyrotechnics scene is gaining more traction every year. Avid fireworks enthusiasts and co-founders of Twisted Thunder, a fireworks supplier located in the Omaha area, Ryan Steffen and Mark Texel first set out to help put Nebraska on the map in 2018. In […]