Varsity Corner

Key Communicator

Brooklyn Wrice  |  Senior  |  Papillion-LaVista High School Basketball is Papillion-LaVista High School senior Brooklyn Wrice’s true love. In addition to playing for her high school team, Wrice played with Omaha Sports Academy in middle school and then moved to The Basketball Factory and Retro Hoops in high school. She […]

Play to Win

Karsten Mathsen  |  Senior  |  Concordia High School Concordia High School senior Karsten Mathsen plays to win. “What motivates me is my competitiveness to win at everything I do,” he said. “I have had this competitive fire since I was very young. It doesn’t matter what I play, it can […]

A Champion Spirit

Gretna High School senior Mick Huber gives his all into everything he does. State championship football and baseball teams take up much of his time, but he still manages to keep a 4.0 GPA while balancing dual enrollment classes, One Act plays, National Honor Society (NHS), Gretna Boys G club, […]

Setting Sights on the Goal

Elkhorn North High School sophomore Reese Booth plays basketball, volleyball, and track for her new school, which opened in fall 2020. The fledgling basketball team took it all the way, winning the Class B state championship. “It was an amazing experience and feeling,” said Booth. “Now that we have that […]

Best Foot Forward

Calla Wittland  |  Senior  |  Bennington High School Running has been in Calla Wittland’s family for generations. “My dad and grandpa both love running, and that is where I got my love for it as well,” she said. “Last year we all got to run in a 5k together, which […]

A Strategy for Success

Clark Rue  |  Senior  |  Westside High School Westside High School senior Clark Rue enjoys the independence of tennis, but he’s definitely a team player. “I find being part of a team is important when you’re out on the court,” he said. “It gives me motivation to succeed not only […]

Continuing a Winning Culture

As a child, Ensley Frame never dreamed that someday she would be committed to playing softball for Creighton University. In fact, she had no interest in softball until her family encouraged her at 10 years old. “My mom and grandpa convinced me to give it a try. From then on […]

Race to Success

Gretna High School senior Colby Erdkamp loves to run—probably more than most young men his age. He grew up playing basketball, baseball, and football, but his freshman year he decided to give cross country a shot. “In my first cross-country race, I ended up winning at the Class of the […]

A Love for Team

Elkhorn South High School graduate and Elkhorn Athletic Association (EAA) scholarship winner Jaci Vanderloo has played softball for thirteen years. She began playing for the Elkhorn Slammers when she was in third grade. “Some of my best memories playing softball came from that team and my time with EAA. Since […]

No Place Like Home

Lindsey Ellison, Elkhorn High School graduate and Elkhorn Athletic Association (EAA) scholarship winner, found a home in EAA athletics. “We moved the summer before seventh grade. My parents wanted us to attend Elkhorn public schools, and after playing for EAA and having our sports “families” already out here, it was […]