Dare to be Square at Square Donut

I enjoy being creative. Whether it’s interior design, refinishing antiques, or art, I enjoy putting a special spin on things and challenging tradition. Our donuts are no different, just a different medium we use for creative expression. From custom designs to the donut of the month series, we have so much fun pushing the envelope with designs and new flavors and textures. I’m so grateful to Omaha and our customers for allowing me to embrace my strengths and use my imagination to make our donuts not only taste good, but look good as well.

Across all my businesses, hospitality is at the core of everything I do as an entrepreneur. It’s important that customers feel heard, seen, and valued, and these are the principles deeply ingrained in Square Donut’s daily operations. Not only do the customers recognize this, but our staff understands the importance of hospitality in how we train our team and the lengths we take to ensure customer satisfaction. Rather than customers hear a monologue of donut options and prices, we have a dialogue between our team and the customer. There’s hospitality, and then there’s Square Donut hospitality—the difference is our customers leave with not only donuts but an experience.

Yet, hospitality and creativity alone wouldn’t sustain Square Donut without the cornerstone of our success: the quality of our donuts. It would be easy to pre-make and freeze the dough, but we’d sacrifice taste in the process. Instead, we make batches from scratch every day, meaning there are only a few short hours between when the donut is finished and when the customer takes a bite. Quality ingredients are important but so are the techniques and processes used from the time the dough is mixed, to the decoration table, to the case. We pride ourselves in making soft, pillowy donuts and this is thanks to the attention to detail and technical skills of our bakers. Even the shape of the donut itself is important—you get four more bites of a square donut than you do a round donut. That’s about 27% more product the customer is receiving and 27% more of our delectable donuts.

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