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Muscle Quality Matters More than Movement Quantity

At The Exercise Coach® we are on a mission to be the perfect fit for people who feel that standard workouts don’t work for them. Standard workouts and the associated guidelines are responsible for keeping 85% of people frustrated on the sidelines. These fitness approaches don’t fit nicely into the average person’s busy schedule, and standard workouts, health clubs, videos, and trainers really don’t address the needs of most people. Even for those who commit to the rigors recommended by exercise enthusiasts, there is no guarantee it will achieve the desired outcome.

No long-term study has demonstrated that an inactive individual will become healthier simply by becoming more active. Studies focused on specific wellness outcomes have demonstrated the outcomes of similar or superior results when brief, whole-effort exercise is deployed rather than standard exercise activities. This is why muscle quality matters more than movement quantity. Research supports that time and distance are irrelevant exercise metrics. Our core belief is the production of enhanced muscle tissue and the process that brings about this adaptation is the key to driving positive fitness and wellness outcomes.

Because muscle quality matters more than movement quantity, the time barrier to exercise can be completely eliminated with cutting edge methods. At The Exercise Coach, our personal training clients experience optimal results with just two, 20-minute workouts per week. In addition to breaking down the time barrier, minimum fitness level requirements are lower with an approach that emphasizes effort over activity. Thus, the Exercise Coach has minimal requirements to begin training.

We have helped men and women into their 90s as well as severely deconditioned individuals. The majority of our clients are in the second half of life. This is encouraging—age doesn’t disqualify you from your fitness goals. Don’t let the guidelines, which focus on minutes of activity and miles of movement, keep you on the sidelines. Find a professional that is committed to safe, brief, whole-effort exercise.

Have the standard workout options kept you on the sidelines? Are you ready to try something new? Come see how we are different. Visit to learn more and to sign up for two free personal training sessions at one of our three state-of-the-art studios in Omaha.

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