Fit over 40

One of my clients recently shared that working with me for the last few weeks has not only produced steady and consistent weight loss, but she hasn’t missed out on anything she enjoys doing. She still relishes meals but has learned why her old routine wasn’t working and is happily acquiring new skills and habits. Who knew that getting healthy could be gratifying and effective?

Are you tired of feeling restricted or frustrated with all your efforts to make your body respond in a positive way? Have you tried most diets, workouts, and fads but are still looking for something that permanently works? 

If so, let me introduce myself! I’ve experienced the same frustrating, age-related hormone-changing, lack of results despite “doing everything right.” But I am also stubborn enough not to settle for accepting poor health just because I’m getting older.

I’ve learned that our bodies will respond to interventions no matter what our age, habits, routines, and family history, if we are willing to let go of what we assumed was always true. 

I’ve worked for more than 33 years helping people live a healthier life. My concentration now is teaching women over 40 to heal their metabolism through scheduled meal routines, simplified strength training, and weekly 1:1 coaching—and that last part is the game changer for most of us. 

We all know exercise and eating routines are at the foundation of a healthy life, but who has the time, energy, or acumen to filter through all the noise and make a plan that’s easy to execute? 

I’m intent on helping you fix your health so that you can enjoy living without lifestyle diseases (which plague most of the adult population). Seeing the scale change, fitting in your clothes (or buying new ones), improving digestion and gut issues, clearing brain fog and menopausal symptoms is possible. These are the results of learning to live differently around eating and exercise. 

Here’s the criteria to join my program, Formula3:

• Women over 40 years old

• Strong desire to feel better and finally see permanent changes in your health

• Willingness to learn about metabolism, meal timing and quality, exercise, sleep, and stress.

If this is you, contact me:,, or text 402-809-5158.

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