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Quick, Easy Professional Home Organizing Tips

An organized home can add function, ease, and overall peace of mind to your life. NEAT Method Omaha, a professional home organizing company, has some helpful tips on getting your home more organized, whether you are trying to create new organized habits or preparing to sell or purchase a home.

1) Categorize. Rather than attempting to organize one cabinet or shelf at a time, remove everything from the space you are organizing and then divide it into types and categories. You will more than likely find the same types of items were being stored in different areas, and you’ll also discover items you forgot you had. Once everything is categorized, you can then create zones and organize the number of items and sizes for each zone. 

2) Measure. You must measure the height, depth, and width of the space you are organizing prior to purchasing products such as bins, baskets, or canisters. For organizing products to be most effective, they need to fit the space and the items they’re holding.

3) Edit. You can have the space or the items, but not both. Regularly take stock of what is in your kitchen, closets, storage areas, and kids’ areas. Edit what you’re not using anymore and donate or toss. Understand that items can serve a purpose but have a timeline. Letting go of things does not mean they didn’t once have value in your life. Keep only what you use, what brings you joy, and what fits in the space.

4) Outsource. Consider hiring a professional organizing service to create customized solutions for your home. NEAT Method Omaha specializes in all aspects of creating function and flow in a beautiful way for all spaces in the home, from organizing kitchens with product selected to fit perfectly in each cabinet and drawer, to designing and installing new closet systems, to tackling garages and storage areas to improve efficiency and add space. NEAT Method also can handle all aspects of the moving process from pre-move editing to packing and unpacking. They can also work with your designer and builder to ensure spaces have the right organizational structure and flow from the start.

 To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact NEAT Method Omaha:, on Instagram at @Omaha_neat, or at 402-305-2626.

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