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A Short Lesson on Transfer on Death Deeds

Sometimes estate plans include a “transfer on death” deed as a way to transfer real estate at a property owner’s death. A recent opinion by the Eighth Circuit (Dawn Strope-Robinson v. State Farm Fire and Casualty) has made this estate planning tool a popular discussion topic in estate planning circles. […]

Estate Planning ice breakers

Estate Planning Awareness Week kicks off on October 18. In recognition, I hope you take this opportunity to bring some basic estate planning topics to your dinner table for discussion. By talking about these important topics with your family and close friends, it makes the realities of estate planning bearable […]

Understanding a Guardianship/Conservatorship

The recent news of Britney Spears’ ongoing court battle has made “guardianship” and “conservatorship” household terms. Understanding the basics of protective proceedings can give some context to this timely issue. In Nebraska, the legal system offers a proceeding for interested persons to seek guardianship and/or conservatorship over an incapacitated person […]

Inheritance Tax Basics

In the case of inheritance tax, no truer words have been spoken than those of Benjamin Franklin: “in life, taxes and death are the only certainty.” Nebraska is one of six states that collects inheritance tax. (In case you were wondering, Iowa does, too). Nebraska’s inheritance tax statutes assess a […]

What is Probate?

Probate, at a base level, is a process used in the court system to satisfy creditors and distribute assets of a deceased person to his or her beneficiaries, either named in a Will or based on Nebraska law (if the person died without a Will). The probate process applies to […]

The Fundamentals of Estate Planning

Putting the right estate planning tools in place for you and your loved ones starts with the fundamentals. A basic estate plan includes a Will, Power of Attorney for Healthcare, and Power of Attorney for Finance. These documents allow you to make your wishes known when you die and to […]

Retirement savings rules change under SECURE Act

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019 was signed into law on December 20, 2019 as part of the federal government spending bill. The SECURE Act includes many provisions intended to help Americans save more for retirement. The Act includes pension-related provisions that incentivize employers to […]

Estate Plan Check-Up

If it has been a while since you’ve reviewed your estate plan, use this list to help you determine if your plan needs any updates. If you do not yet have your estate plan in place, review this list to help you think through some key decisions before meeting with […]

Special Planning for Special Needs

Just as caring for a family member with special needs requires extra effort, so does estate planning for families with a special needs beneficiary. There is more to consider than nominating a guardian to care for their physical well-being. Careful planning is necessary to properly provide for the financial well-being […]

Don’t Miss a New Opportunity to Save Capital Gain Taxes

Do your investments have unrealized gains which you are considering “harvesting”? Or are you currently contemplating the sale of appreciated real estate or business interests? If so, the 2017 Tax Act offers a considerable tax break for investors who reinvest capital gains into new Qualified Opportunity Funds (“QOF”). These rules […]