Our Youth

boys garden

Farm to Table Family at Sorrows Family Farm

When 12-year-old Andrew Sorrows and his 11-year-old brother Isaac started their microgreens business—Sorrows Family Barn—in February 2022, they had so much work ahead of them. First, they researched how to grow product. Then they needed a greenhouse, so they created a business plan. They learned about input costs, fixed costs, […]


Handsewn Dolls with Heart

A seventh-grade homeschooled student, Skyler Fadell created her hand-sewn doll business Heartsewn by Skyler because she loves crafting and sewing gifts for people. She taught herself to sew at six years old and loved it from the start. She began by finding old clothes, cutting them up, and creating a […]

Cotton Candy

Sweet Success in Shining Sugar for Gloria Dickinson

At only eight years old, Gloria Dickinson is already running her own successful business, the Shining Sugar Cotton Candy Company. Gloria was inspired by her sister Dagny, who also started her own business making hand-blended tea called Tiny Tea. Listening to her sister present concepts to their parents and watching […]

girl dancer

In the Groove and Hasn’t Missed a Beat

At a young age, Ainsley Van Deun dreamed of being a hip hop dancer. Now a Millard West sophomore, Van Deun has since trained and performed in many more styles of dance such as tap, contemporary, ballet, lyrical, and her favorite, jazz. She began her dance career in Olney, MD, […]

outdoor coffee shop

Creativity Meets Coffee in an Adapted Corn Crib

It takes a creative mind to look at a corn crib and think—coffee! Seventeen-year-old triplets Morgan, Megan, and Maddie Moore have just such a spark. They serve a full menu of drinks from an adapted corn crib on their acreage in Elkhorn that has become a local destination for coffee […]


Comfort with a Cause – a Message of Love

There’s something special about the perfect pillow. Not only can it provide a good night’s sleep, but it’s often associated with comfort, security, and an overall sense of well-being. Ten-year-old Eliza White, with the aid of her younger sisters Evelynn and Everley, has taken the pillow-as-comfort concept to a new […]

girl actress

Natural-born Storyteller Remarkable at Young Age

Some people are natural-born storytellers, and 11-year-old Annah Vogelpohl is one of them. At the age of three, she recited stories to her mother, Olivia, who wrote them down for her in blank books while Annah drew the illustrations. She’d even make edits while her mother read the story back […]

girl blowing a balloon up

Get Pumped Up – The Remarkable Macie Scott

Kids and adults alike have a fascination with balloons, especially when used to create cute animals and fun objects like hats and swords. Ten-year-old Macie Scott from Plattsmouth, NE, discovered her fascination for balloons a year ago. Now the self-taught balloon artist performs her craft at the local farmers market, […]


Dad & Daughter are a Powerful Real Estate Duo

Parents often wonder how to get their kids interested in their work. For Nathan Eckles, a real estate Winvestor, it was relatively easy—he took his daughter, Ryleigh, on the job with him when she was just an infant. Over the years, it became second nature to Ryleigh, and now at […]

Leading the Pack as an Official Eagle Scout

Fifteen-year-old Lacy Mehaffey grew up with the Boy Scouts—her father, Chris Mehaffey, is the CEO of the Mid-America Council, Boy Scouts of America—so it was only natural for her to join when girls were allowed to formally participate. In just three years, not only has she earned her Eagle Scout […]