Our Health

Sculpting Your Self-Confidence

Using revolutionary technology, SCULPT Cosmetic Surgery can reshape your life Photos by Christopher Tierney   Everyone has a part of their body they don’t love. Often we learn to live with it, but for some it can affect self-esteem and daily living. However, the thought of having surgery that involves […]

Relaxing Rehabilitation

Using a gentle approach, Omaha Physical Therapy Institute helps patients recover faster Photos by Christopher Tierney   Recovering from an injury or surgery takes time and can include months of physical therapy. People are often apprehensive going into rehab, worried that it will be painful and difficult. But Brent and […]

A Cool Alternative

Ice Out Cryo Spa brings a new healing therapy to Omaha Whenever you pull a muscle exercising or have inflammation from an injury or other health-related issue, applying ice is a proven method for relief. That same principle is at the heart of Ice Out Cryo Spa in Lakeside Plaza, […]

Heart Heroes empowers kids battling Congenital Heart Defects

Nine-year-old Sam Burton is a superhero. He even has the cape to prove it. Born with half a heart and several severe heart defects, he has undergone three surgeries, suffered from congestive heart failure at age five, and has an artificial pulmonary valve. His mother, Kitty Burton, remembers when he […]

Healthy Beginnings

Fuel Fit Kitchen focuses on nutritious food with flavor Living a healthy lifestyle depends on healthy eating. Finding foods that taste great, satisfy cravings, and are still good for you can be tough to come by. But the meals prepared by Fuel Fit Kitchen are designed to do just that—provide […]

A Caring Community

Through generosity and respect, COPE helps those in need Individuals and families throughout Omaha need assistance at times. There are many dedicated organizations ready to help, especially throughout Eastern Douglas County. However, for those families living in Western Douglas County communities such as Valley, Waterloo, Bennington, and Elkhorn, options have […]

Inspiration with Words

Author Melissa Minassian shares her literary talent Natural talent comes in many forms—artists, singers, musicians, athletes—and most of those who are blessed with it will attest that it started at an early age. Omaha author Melissa Minassian said her love for writing began at age five when she wrote stories, illustrated […]

Enabling Entrepreneurs to Thrive

Salon Z Studios owner Zach Scribner nurtures small businesses As is so often the case, life takes us down a career path we never imagined. That was certainly true for Minnesota native Zach Scribner, who moved to Omaha to play hockey for UNO. He decided to stay after college and […]

Success Through Discipline

Sean Harley helps build better lives Everyone knows the dedication it takes to develop a fitness routine and then stick with it. Committing to daily workouts and a healthy diet has its challenges, but it also has infinite rewards. Sean Harley, professional body builder and owner of ithinkfit gym in […]

Quarterback for Life

After succeeding on the field, Sage Rosenfels is a leader off the field.   You know what a football looks like. But do you know how it feels? Or, more accurately, how it’s supposed to feel? Why quarterbacks monitor the ball’s weight, elasticity and texture with such zeal that in January […]