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Ice Out Cryo Spa brings a new healing therapy to Omaha

Whenever you pull a muscle exercising or have inflammation from an injury or other health-related issue, applying ice is a proven method for relief. That same principle is at the heart of Ice Out Cryo Spa in Lakeside Plaza, which uses liquid nitrogen to cool a full-body Cryochamber. Within minutes, it cools the skin’s surface temperature with lasting results that benefit the body in a number of ways.

Cryotherapy is not new. It was invented in 1978 and has been used regularly in Europe for years. It was introduced to the U.S. in larger cities about 10 years ago at medical centers, and has been available to the general public just in the last few years. Ice Out owners Erin and Ryan Krause have had such good experiences with cryotherapy, they decided to bring the first Cryochamber to Omaha.

Ryan, who is a former NFL player, said he used cold therapy throughout his football career. It would help with his recovery following a game, and now uses the Cryochamber for both pre and post workouts. Erin suffered from plaque psoriasis, an itchy and often painful skin condition, and had to take an immune suppressing medication to treat it. When visiting friends in Los Angeles several years ago, they recommended she try a Cryo Spa. After a number of sessions, her condition began to clear up, and today she’s no longer on the medication.

“I fell in love with the treatment, and since it wasn’t available in the Midwest at the time, we decided to bring it to Omaha,” Erin said. In fact, many of her family members travel to Omaha for the therapy, including her father who suffers from fibro myalgia and neuropathy in his feet. “It’s a natural, holistic, healthy therapy that doesn’t involve putting medications into your body,” she added.

According to research, Cryotherapy comes with a number of benefits, including helping most causes of inflammation. It’s also been show to help improve depression and anxiety, speeds up recovery from sports injury or surgery by 50%, and burns up to 800 calories per session. The localized cryo spa, which uses a wand to direct liquid nitrogen over the face and scalp, helps improve collagen production to reduce wrinkles and can stimulate hair growth on the head.

During a session in the Cryochamber, clients wear their own undergarments and are provided with wool gloves, knee-high socks, and slippers. They simply stand in the chamber, which covers the body to about shoulder-height. The technician remains in the room, controlling the temperature, which ranges from -200 to -240 degrees Fahrenheit, with the skin’s surface temperature lowering by 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit over a three minute period.

The skin reacts to the cold, which is most noticeable on the backs of the legs and arms, and sends messages to the brain that acts as a stimulant. It also triggers the release of anti-inflammatory endorphins, leaving you with a refreshed, energized feeling. Ice Out technician manager Zac Smith said many people tend to be nervous when they first try it, but most say it’s easier than taking a cold shower. “We stay in the room with you and if you need to pause for a minute, we can do that. We cater to each individual’s needs.”

Since opening in February, Ryan said they’ve had more than 800 people try it, many of whom return because of the benefits. They recommend two or three session per week initially, depending on the level of inflammation, and regularly see up to 25 clients per day. “It’s been really well received,” Erin said. “I think it’s because so many people want a healthier lifestyle, and this form of therapy is completely natural with no side effects. The more natural you can be, the healthier you can be.”  

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