Sculpting Your Self-Confidence

Using revolutionary technology, SCULPT Cosmetic Surgery can reshape your life

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Everyone has a part of their body they don’t love. Often we learn to live with it, but for some it can affect self-esteem and daily living. However, the thought of having surgery that involves weeks of recovery can be intimidating. Fortunately, with impressive advances in technology within just the past few years, the options available for cosmetic procedures have exploded, especially in the area of non-invasive procedures that require no down time. And one of the leading providers is right here in Omaha: SCULPT Cosmetic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetic.

Dr. Gerard Stanley and his wife Erin have created an environment that promotes relaxation, comfort, and trust. With a warmth that equals your own home rather than a clinical atmosphere, they emphasize the caring aspect of what they do—which is help people feel better about themselves. Whether that involves medical aesthetic procedures such as Botox, chemical peels, or fillers; surgical procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation; or laser treatments such as Laser Hair Removal and TruSculpt, which is fat reduction that requires no down time.

Although Dr. Stanley’s practice originally began with mostly surgical procedures, innovation in technology has allowed him to evolve the practice to focus on more non-invasive methods. “There has been an explosion in non-invasive technology, and it’s becoming more mainstream; many people don’t need surgery for what they want to accomplish,” he said. Innovation through education is at the core of SCULPT. Technology has made more things possible, so helping people understand all the options available is key. For example, traditional liposuction has several weeks downtime; laser liposuction at SCULPT is several days. TruSculpt has zero downtime, and patients can drive themselves to and from appointments since this treatment is non-surgical.

“We are truly the only all-encompassing practice in Omaha,” Erin said. “We offer a full range of services to meet every need with a focus on achieving a natural look—dramatic, not drastic results.” In fact, Dr. Stanley said that several times a week he ends up redirecting patients to do a more non-invasive procedure from what they originally intended. He’s also careful not to just go along with the latest fads; rather, he said he’s very particular about the equipment and technology they invest in, and it must pass his strict standards in order to be good enough for his patients. 

A graduate of Creighton University Medical School, Dr. Stanley is also an active member of a number of national associations for cosmetic surgeons.  He is the youngest surgeon to be asked to serve as a board member for the American Society of Cosmetic Physicians. SCULPT has also won numerous awards, including Best of Omaha’s “Best Cosmetic Surgeon,” “Best Breast Augmentation,” and “Best Tummy Tuck.” Dr. Stanley and Erin are also the busy parents of three young boys, with Dr. Stanley coaching their baseball, football, and basketball teams. 

A year ago, registered nurse Amy Henderson joined SCULPT to perform laser and aesthetic procedures, including Botox, IPL and Laser Genesis, Laser spider vein therapy, and the TruSculpt fat reduction. “Amy is really gifted,” Erin said. “She is friendly, honest, and really connects with our clients, plus her results are great.” The entire culture of SCULPT is one in which they value that connection with guests. “We want this to be a place where you can be comfortable and relaxed the minute you walk in the door, and our entire staff really embodies that,” she added.

The Stanley’s really do want everyone who comes in to have a great experience, whether it’s for a free initial consultation, a spa treatment, or surgery. “You can get cosmetic procedures anywhere, but you can’t get both great customer service and great results everywhere,” Dr. Stanley said. His goal is to promote confidence in each client that walks through the door. “To me, confidence is the most beautiful thing about a person. It’s special to be a part of a person’s journey in helping them get their confidence back and to see not just the physical, but the emotional change that people go through. We help rejuvenate people from the inside out.” 

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