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Success Through Discipline

Sean Harley helps build better lives Everyone knows the dedication it takes to develop a fitness routine and then stick with it. Committing to daily workouts and a healthy diet has its challenges, but it also has infinite rewards. Sean Harley, professional body builder and owner of ithinkfit gym in […]

Quarterback for Life

After succeeding on the field, Sage Rosenfels is a leader off the field.   You know what a football looks like. But do you know how it feels? Or, more accurately, how it’s supposed to feel? Why quarterbacks monitor the ball’s weight, elasticity and texture with such zeal that in January […]

Omaha OB-GYN

Omaha OB-GYN offers personalized care focused on women Melissa Dahir wishes more women realized they don’t need to suffer in silence. Dahir, nurse practitioner at Omaha OB-GYN Associates, P.C., specializes in treating health issues that are frequently difficult for women (and their doctors) to talk about. Pain during intercourse, vaginal […]

Jakopovics’ passion benefits kids and community

Photos by J. Leonard Photography Youth sports programs have exploded in the past few years with more kids competing now than ever before. That’s due in part to the rapid growth of school districts and thanks to parents and community leaders like Todd Jakopovic, President of the Elkhorn Youth Sports Association […]

Paleo Not Just A Fad Diet

The Paleo diet — you may have heard the term and think it’s just another low-carb, fad diet. But those who have made it a part of their healthy lifestyle will tell you it’s simply about eating “real food” like our ancestors did during the Paleolithic Era. The results can […]

Massage Therapy Offers Numerous Benefits

What was once considered a luxury, often during vacation, massage therapy is now a necessary part of overall health and well-being — similar to exercise and eating right. It is also affordable and available to anyone through membership programs. But not all massages are created equal, and Jamie Burrow, owner […]

Building Basketball Champions

Hoffman’s Hoops Academy helps athletes make it For more than a decade Brian Hoffman has trained kids of all ages how to become better basketball players. Whether first grade youth league teams or former Creighton University star Doug McDermott, he has helped players develop every aspect of their game from […]

Sleep Solutions

Omaha doctors share ways to solve sleep apnea By the time people see Dr. Ann Edmunds about their sleep apnea, the sleep disorder has usually been bothering them for weeks, if not months. The person with sleep apnea and their partner are likely sleeping in different rooms, and the partner […]

Yoga Lifestyle

One Tree Yoga’s passionate teachers bring out yoga’s many flavors Hanging from a wall rope, yoga students at One Tree Yoga exhale and deeply stretch. Yoga Karunta, as this new class is called, literally means “puppet yoga.” The wall ropes simulate the sense of being a suspended puppet, allowing students […]