Diagram of 6 Zones of the human body

What is your Zone?

What does perfect health look like? We believe that it is more than just moving pain-free and avoiding disease. In our office, perfect health encompasses 6 key areas known as zones. Zones are checked prior to being adjusted by palpating points on the back of the head. These points correlate with different segments of the spine that need attention. These areas are checked and adjusted when necessary to rebalance the body.

Zone 1: the Glandular System

When this zone is balanced or cleared, each of the 17 glands in the body functions perfectly and the over 500 lymph nodes drain appropriately. Patients may experience a decrease in stress, improved sleep, more energy, and better concentration.

Zone 2: the Elimination System

When this zone is cleared, the body eliminates toxins efficiently to help the body function at its best. Patients may experience proper sinus drainage, improved lung function, and the digestive system can process and rid waste.

Zone 3: The Nervous System

Once this zone is cleared, patients may experience improved mood, sleep, and normal appetite control in addition to regulated hormones. 

Zone 4: The Digestive System

When balanced, the organs that release enzymes to break down food in the body function the way they were made to function. These organs include the liver, salivary glands, gall bladder, and pancreas. Patients may experience improved digestive health with a decrease in sensitivity to foods that in the past had upset their stomachs. Patients may also experience more regular bowel movements.

Zone 5: The Muscular System

When this zone is cleared, the regular day-to-day movements we make may become more efficient, and stress and tension is released from the body. Patients may experience better stability with an improved center of gravity.

Zone 6: The Circulatory System

Once this zone is balanced, patients may experience a more regulated blood pressure, improved circulation, and feel more at ease.

When the body is balanced, experiencing perfect health is possible. The body was made to work efficiently and we’d love to walk alongside you in your health journey. Give us a call to schedule your consultation today: 531-721-2050.

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