SCULPTing a revolution

Omaha is introduced
to contemporary
cosmetic surgery

Dr. Gerard Stanley is fulfilling the dreams of many — to have a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in a beautiful spa-like environment, all with a shorter recovery time. Stanley has taken his extensive medical knowledge and training and is making this an option at SCULPT: Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery, one of the only practices in the area to offer patients a wide variety of minimally invasive surgeries and treatments.

As the Medical Director and Cosmetic Surgeon at SCULPT, Dr. Stanley is revolutionizing the way people approach cosmetic surgery here in the Midwest. Opening their doors in November 2012, Dr. Stanley and his team of three skilled physicians let new methods and technology lead the way in their practice. “Our specialization is offering people minimally invasive cosmetic procedures,” said Dr. Stanley. “Our recovery time is dramatically reduced because of our methods, as well as the kinds of anesthesia that we use. It is all more technically difficult, but our patients are very happy with the results.”

Dr. Stanley followed in his grandfather and father’s medical footsteps and is now a third generation physician. As a magna cum laude graduate of Creighton University, he completed his residency in rural family medicine and surgery at North Colorado Medical Center where he served as the Chief Resident in his last year. From there, he spent time in the National Health Service Core doing charitable work in the rural Midwest before completing a rotational fellowship in minimally invasive and cosmetic surgical procedures. The knowledge he gained from his mentors gave him the drive to open a practice geared toward making people feel good while utilizing the most innovative technologies.

Many SCULPT cosmetic surgery patients are mothers, looking to better themselves without the risk of going under general anesthesia. Another perk of using contemporary methods is the reduced recovery time. “All of the doctors here have young children and we all have the understanding that the recovery time is a game-changer,” said Dr. Stanley. “If I wanted something done, it would be nice to know that I could have a procedure on Friday and be back to work on Monday.”

All procedures are done in the offices’ two spa-like operating room suites, and after, patients are led into a comfortable recovery room. Most patients stand up and walk into their recovery room, and depending on the procedure, are ready to go home within 10 to 45 minutes. “We have had some tummy tuck patients walk out of the office, get in their car and drive home,” said Dr. Stanley.

SCULPT offers several alternatives to traditional cosmetic procedures: Scalpel-less facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction, spider vein treatments, natural breast augmentation, and more, all in a soothing “home-like” setting. Dr. Stanley is certified in bariatric and weight loss medicine and also provides patients with medical weight loss plans. SCULPT also offers patients a full-service spa, facial rejuvenation, spray tanning, and Circadia skincare and Colorescience Mineral Makeup. “Skin and skincare have always been a passion,” said Dr. Stanley. “The last year of my residency I did a lot of skin cancer work, and I realized that it all transitioned well into the cosmetic surgery world.”

Facial rejuvenation is popular at SCULPT and is one of Dr. Stanley’s specialties. Wrinkles, eye-bags and volume loss are common complaints, and SCULPT offers several options to improve overall skin health, including a treatment using Platelet-rich Plasma; Dr. Stanley is the only cosmetic surgeon in Omaha that offers this more “natural” alternative. BOTOX® and Juvederm™, among other facial injections and treatments are available to patients, as well.

When it comes to veins, SCULPT’s team of skilled vascular doctors perform medical and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Douglas Niemann, Dr. David Vogel and Dr. James Smith offer several options to eliminate uncomfortable symptoms and unwanted spider and varicose veins. “We have the newest high-frequency laser that provides the best treatment for poorly functioning veins,” said Dr. Smith. “SCULPT was the perfect fit for us because Dr. Stanley is also utilizing some of the most innovative and newest technologies.”

Performing vein procedures at SCULPT is rewarding for Dr. Smith. “If a patient has painful varicose veins or a cosmetic issue, he or she is not very happy. We have the ability to completely fix the problem or make it significantly better. This makes the patients happy, and in turn, makes us happy. Making patients feel better about themselves is very rewarding for us as physicians.”

Even if cosmetic surgery or spider vein treatments are not in your immediate future, SCULPT: Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery offers other feel-good options in The SPA at SCULPT, including: Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and lymphatic drainage massages, body and facial waxing, facials, chemical peels, body treatments, and reflexology. The SPA is a relaxing retreat; all rooms are designed to calm and sooth customers. The lounge furniture and colors are comfortable and tranquil, and it’s the perfect place to relax or spend time with friends. “I’m really proud of our spa, we have an exceptional staff,” said Dr. Stanley. “We have lots of spa parties; people come in with family and friends to get different treatments, have BOTOX® parties. It’s a great space to just relax and have a good time.”

When patients visit SCULPT: Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery, or The SPA at SCULPT, they are getting a whole spa-like experience. Dr. Stanley’s goal was to create a place where men and women can get everything done in a relaxing atmosphere with safe and effective results. “Cosmetic surgery really embraces technology and is about the best and safest way for patients to have cosmetic work done,” he said. “We really want to educate people and empower them to take care of themselves, and I hope that we’re on the front-side of a revolution in surgical techniques.”  

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