Rejuvenating Lives and Restoring Health

Denise Pollard brings balance back to health

At some point in their lives everyone has experienced a time when they haven’t felt themselves. Perhaps sleep is fitful, energy is low, libido is down, or headaches pop up unexpectedly. Sometimes physicians aren’t able to pinpoint a cause, which can lead to frustration and ongoing, undiagnosed issues. This can result in the use of unnecessary medications to mask the symptoms rather than get to the root of the cause. Rather than continue to suffer in silence, there’s another option to explore that may not only alleviate symptoms, but ultimately help you feel even better than before and improve overall health.

Denise Pollard with Restore You at Lakeside Plaza is a Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with Bachelor of Science degrees in biology, chemistry, and nursing, as well as a Master’s of Science degree in nursing. Her extensive work in Obstetrics and Gynecology led to her interest in the study of hormone imbalance, in which she later became certified in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and is currently a physician mentor with Bio TE Medical. Pollard said she was tired of seeing patients with issues and not being able to help them the way they deserved to be helped. That’s when she took matters into her own hands and began studying Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy extensively and ultimately narrowed her focus of her practice to natural hormone management and aesthetics. 

All of her services are designed to bring balance back to health. She said a lot of people don’t realize that many symptoms people experience are the result of hormone imbalance. Whether migraines, having cold hands and feet, sleep issues, or retaining weight in the belly, Pollard said hormone replacement therapy can address a number of common issues. “Once patients start explaining their symptoms, I can narrow it down and focus on certain areas where deficiencies are present,” she said. “I help put the pieces of the puzzle together and create the big picture of health for them again.”

So often people attribute their symptoms to “getting old,” but Pollard said we shouldn’t accept aging as an answer. “Everyone, no matter their age, should go through life with a feeling of vitality.” She explained that when hormones are in balance, for both males and females, they help protect the heart, bones, and organs, as well as prevent disease as we grow older. “Patients often feel frustrated and alone when dealing with symptoms,” she said. “They are exhausted with telling their story to physician after physician without results. Once they know I understand what they’re going through, the relief is visible on their faces.”

People want someone to take the time to listen to them and that is exactly how Pollard practices. She explained that her philosophy for more than eight years of experience is that, “If I listen long enough to someone, they will tell me exactly what is wrong with them.” This philosophy has not steered her wrong and leads her patients to positive results in their health.

She also spends a lot of time educating patients on their health and making recommendations for their medical management. Once patients start treatment, Pollard said they usually start seeing improvement and feeling better within two to four weeks. Both men and women can benefit in their overall health from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Pollard said she has a strong male following, as well as a wide range in age for female patients. Although many of her female patients are in the menopausal stage, she said she does see younger patients as well. Pollard works with some area neurologists to collaborate in migraine management too.

Once patients begin feeling better, the next logical step is they want to improve their appearance. With more than eight years of aesthetic experience, At Restore You Pollard offers a number of aesthetic services, including Botox Cosmetic, Collagen Induction Therapy, and Dermal Fillers. She also loves this part of her practice because she truly is dedicated to helping people achieve their health goals and feels that the aesthetic side of her practice compliments the hormonal side very well.

She also offers many laser treatments for skin rejuvenation. The Venus Freeze is one of the newest treatments Pollard offers at Restore You. It is designed to target areas like the face, neck, abdomen, arms, buttocks, and thighs for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and cellulite improvement. This procedure is pain free and there is no down time. “It is a great alternative to invasive surgery,” she said.

Pollard’s experience and knowledge has made her an expert in her field, but she recognizes that overall health requires collaboration with a patient’s entire network of health providers. “I focus on my expertise but don’t try to go beyond my scope of practice,” she said. “I want to work with other physicians and refer people when I need to. It’s all about community and working together in the medical field.”

The goal with her new location and being in business for herself is to continue to focus on her patients so she can improve their symptoms or aesthetic issues that are troubling them. “I want to have an excellent reputation for how I take care of my patients,” she said. “I love what I do, I’m excited about my clinic, and I want to make a positive impact on as many people’s lives as I can.”

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