Our Little Secret – Fowl Play, A Local Hunting Club

When friends Brian Zahm, Karsten Storm and Phil Page realized they all shared a passion for duck hunting, they decided to start a hunting club to share their knowledge and experience with other local hunters. “About 4 years ago, the three of us started Fowl Play, a local hunting club,” said Zahm. Other hunting buddies help them out when needed. “It is always us three, but we also have about five other guys who help out regularly,” he explained.

These die hard waterfowlers hunt as often as possible in the Valley, Waterloo and Elkhorn area and enjoy the opportunity to share their love of bird hunting with others. They often donate the meat of their birds to the Elkhorn Wild Game Feed and enjoy making jerky to share with the local farmers to thank them for their support of the club. For the last couple of years, the guys of Fowl Play have been filming their hunts, with plans to eventually sell as guides for the ultimate bird hunting experience.

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