Our Little Secret – Go Big or Go Home

Have you heard the phrase “go big or go home”? It’s clearly something Bob Harris of Omaha believes in as his wedding proposal went well beyond the average surprise.

After dating Erin Scoggins for over three years, Harris knew it was time to make his move. Once he learned that Omaha Fashion Week’s Finale fell on his fashionista’s birthday, the wheels began to turn. Knowing that Erin loves surprises, Harris couldn’t think of a bigger surprise than proposing on the runway itself. With the help of event organizer Brooke Hudson, plans were starting to take shape and it was time to ask Erin’s father for his permission.

“I called her parents in Tennessee (which I hated to do and apologized for asking over the phone, but I only had four weeks to pull it off if it was going to happen). I let them know they should secretly fly in for the event,” said Harris. He invited several of their friends to attend the show, hoping the evening would appear to be nothing more than a night out for her birthday. With the stage set (no pun intended), the event was here before he knew it.

With the photographer set to capture the moment, Harris grabbed the microphone from the announcer’s hand and delivered a heartfelt proposal that will be a lasting memory for Erin. After her tearful “yes,” Erin asked “Did you ask my Dad? I wish my parents were here…” – to which Harris replied, “Well, let’s go ask them now.” And there they were, around the corner, anxiously waiting to share this incredible moment with their daughter and future son-in-law.

Well done Bob…well done.

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