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Just as the sun damages your skin, it can damage your hair, too. Saltwater and chlorine also take a toll on our tresses. The not-so-pretty outcome is that a few weeks into summer, hair that was shiny looks and feels fried. Even hair that isn’t colored will suffer from sun-induced stress. Those UV rays dry out hair and rough up the normally smooth cuticle, or outer layer, of the hair shaft. The more dry your hair is, the more likely it is to suffer from a summer issue more irritating than mosquito bites — frizz. That’s because parched hair soaks up the extra humidity in the air, causing the shaft to swell and leading to breaks in the cuticle. Hair puffs up and goes every which way but smooth.

Swimming also beats up your hair. While you’re doing the breaststroke, chlorine is stripping your hair of its natural oils. If you’re a blonde, you may find your hair taking on an unflattering green cast. That’s caused by the copper molecules and other pool chemicals that bind to the protein in the hair shaft. The ocean stresses hair in another way. The heavy salt content in seawater draws water out of your hair and skin and you end up with prune-like fingers and parched hair.

Tips for Healthy and Gorgeous Summer Hair

Start summer with a trim. You’ll get rid of split ends and refresh your style. Hair really does grow faster in the summer. That’s because there are more hairs in the anagen, or growing, stage during late spring and summer than in the dead of winter.

Protect from the sun. Make a daily habit of applying a hair care product that contains UV filters (these can be in spray, gel, or cream formulas). These products protect hair from sun damage and help keep color-processed hair from fading. If you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors, consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Not only will it keep your strands from getting scorched, it will also protect your scalp and ears.

Saturate before swimming. If your hair is full of clean water or leave-in conditioner, it won’t absorb as much saltwater or pool chemicals. It’s also a good idea to rinse your hair after a swim.

Switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. You may be washing your hair more frequently to deal with summer’s sweat and grime. I would also suggest using a clarifying shampoo once a week to clear away product buildup and chemicals. Just be sure to follow with a deep-conditioning treatment either at home or in the salon.

Skip the hot tools. At least once or twice a week, give your hair a break from blow dryers and styling irons. I recommend washing your hair at night and piling it up in a bun, a braid, or ponytail before you head to bed. When you wake up, you’ll have nice beachy waves. It’s the perfect look for weekends, or make it work-ready with an accessory such as a thick headband.

Outsmart the frizz. Hair that’s healthy and well-maintained is your best defense against frizz! Along with regular trims and conditioning, a drop or two of an anti-frizz oil or serum can help smooth hair and add shine. Several professional hair care companies have an oil in their product line. Another option would be a smoothing treatment. We offer Keratin Complex at Moxie Salon + Spa. Its innovative technology drives keratin deep into the hair shaft and then seals it in, effectively blocking humidity from penetrating the hair and locking out frizz. We can determine which one is right for you during your complimentary consultation!

If all else fails, have your go-to style ready…slick pony, high bun, or side braid for those high-humidity days.

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