My Two Cents: The Art of Gift Giving

Kate Schafer-Owner of Fleurish


With the holidays upon us, the season of gift giving has arrived.  From jewelry and watches to toys and keepsakes, gifts come in all shapes and sizes.  They are as unique as the person receiving them, creating an endless symphony of bags, boxes, gift tags, ribbons and bows.

A beautifully wrapped gift will leave a lasting impression on the recipient.  By wrapping each present with care and style, your friend or loved one will know the thought you put into their gift long before they open it.  Follow these simple tips and tricks to ensure your gifts look like they were wrapped like a pro.


In addition to gift wrap you’ll need a variety of other supplies to help achieve quality results. These include a t-square or yard stick for measuring paper, double sided tape, and a sharp pair of cut-ting shears or a rotary cutting device.  Use sticky notes to mark each package until your gift tags are ready to help avoid confusion.


Determine what your signature gift giving look will be this season, and pick a color palette.  Select a primary paper and add embellishments to create a uniform but polished look.  When friends and family see your gift under the tree, they’ll know who it’s from before they even read the tag.


Measure your box and then your paper before cutting to avoid mistakes.  The paper should extend slightly more than halfway down the side of the box when folded over the ends.  Once you begin wrapping, eliminate excess paper.  This will help to achieve a smooth and professional look.


Once your paper wrapping is complete, think beyond the bow.  Adorn gifts with berries, greenery, pinecones or ornaments.  Re-place traditional ribbon with twine or burlap for a shabby chic appearance, or for a more upscale look use metallic fabric or tulle.


Don’t forget the gift tag!  Choose from a multitude of options at your local craft store or make your own.  Running short on time after all of that meticulous wrapping?  Create custom labels online that can be used from year to year and season to season.

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