My Two Cents: Interiors Joan and Associates Knows Successful Design

Professional interior designer Kris Patton, ASID, with Interiors Joan and Associates, knows a thing or two about good design. Successful design will look good, function well, and stand the test of time. While there are as many “looks” as there are individuals, there are a few things we can all keep in mind to take our home or office aesthetic to the next level. So here it is … My Two Cents:

1. Just like fashion you wear, home fashion has a palette of hues that are hot. Try using neutral colors as a backdrop… gray tones are very trendy right now, but mixing warm tones in the mix and utilizing complimentary browns helps your design from being too trendy, too gray and too cold. Layer in pops of brighter colors, like oranges, greens, and deep blues for accents.

2. Don’t just layer colors. Utilize pattern and texture to give your space dimension and interest. Try on an ikat, chevron or flame stitch design for size!

3. There are a few quick, easy ways to update any space. Here are the most effective ways to inject updated style into a space, while not breaking the bank: paint your walls, bring in a new rug, add new pillows to a tired piece of upholstery, update your window treatments, and add new art or accessories.

4. Metal finishes are changing… and so are the rules for their proper use! Mixing metal finishes on plumbing and light fixtures, for example, is not only ok, it gives your design longevity, depth and interest. What’s changing? Polished nickel is a newer finish, and can be blended with brushed nickel and bronze, for instance.

5. Style of carpet… carpet is more than something to cover your floor. Consider a cut loop pile that creates pattern in a room to draw great interest and disguise traffic patterns. This style also wears well over time.

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