My Two Cents

Tina Wurth of Katina’s Couture knows a thing or two about women’s fashion, having built a distinct brand at her boutique located in the Shops of Legacy. In just seven years, Katina’s has become a leader in introducing trendsetting style to its West Omaha clientele. “When I travel to different markets, I talk to various vendors to get a feel for the quality and try to pair items together with our clients in mind,” says Wurth.

This fall brings a new wave of excitement to Katina’s as this year’s hot new styles cater to Nebraska’s trendy buyer. The following are Tina’s Two Cents for fall fashion:

1. Maxi skirts and maxi dresses are so trendy this year and can be carried into fall. Take your summer maxi skirt or maxi dress, throw on a jean jacket with a funky scarf, pair it with some ankle booties and call it a day!

2. Boho chic: Oversized and boxy textured sweaters paired with skinny jeans and boots is the perfect combination.

3. Army green color and camouflage prints are hot and fun for a trendy change!

4. Ankle booties paired with skinny jeans rolled up are a way to show off this year’s hottest footwear.

5. Oversized scarves with funky prints — always popular for fall and winter on those chilly days.

6. Denim that is dark, clean and skinny. Embellishments on denim are going by the wayside. Fashion forward is clean denim.

7. Cowboy boots with denim (of course), but the new trend is pairing them with hi-low dresses and denim cutoffs.

8. Tops with peek-a-boo arm detailing are super trendy!

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