My Two Cents: 3 Tips For Spring Cleaning

Allison Helligso 
Spring is finally upon us, and with it comes the annual chore of spring cleaning. But
who really has the time do it thoroughly? That’s where Allison Helligso’s Pink Shoe
Cleaning Crew comes in!
As one of Omaha’s most reliable and trusted home cleaning professionals, Allison
knows a thing or two about what it takes to get your home cleaned properly, so we
asked her to share her tips for our Edge readers.
Allison’s 3 Spring Cleaning Tips:
Deep cleaning of your house
As the weather warms up, we all love to open our windows and let the spring air in.
Dust and debris also enter your home, however, and humidity in the air makes that
dust cling to your home’s surfaces. Your blinds, window sills, ceiling fans, door and
baseboards hold the grime. This not only contributes to the uncleanliness of your
home but also can negatively impact your family’s health. We have products and
tools that can safely and effectively clean and sanitize your home.
Deep cleaning of things within the house 
Spring is a busy time of year for kids’ sports, family trips and spending time
outdoors. Your refrigerator, shower, and kitchen and bathroom drawers and
cabinets may get a quick, occasional wipe down (if that), but need time and
attention that busy schedules don’t allow for! We can thoroughly deep clean and
organize your fridge, get the crumbs, hair and makeup out of all your drawers, and
rid your shower of soap scum and hard water build up for good. Your dark and
dingy garage has been a home all winter long to the salt and sand brought in by your
car. We can clean it out so you’re not tracking it in and hurting your floors. Once
your house is cleaner and brighter, it starts to feel more like a home, and one that
you can feel relaxed spending time in.
Baskets, bins, and storage containers are great tools for getting your pantry, linen
closet, and bathroom cabinets organized into a system that helps you use your space
more efficiently. Closets can be color and season coordinated and streamlined so
that they make sense and look more appealing. Garages and storage rooms often
need shelving and containment systems, complete with labeling for easy access. Let
us take a look at your home, assess your needs and then come up with a strategy for
organization that makes your life easier and more efficient.
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