Muscle Maker Grill Provides Healthy Fast Food

Muscle Maker Grill
provides healthy fast food

Muscle Maker Grill

2835 South 170th Plaza, Suite 208
(402) 804-1997
Open daily

Everyone is busy and has struggled on more than one occasion with the temptation to drive through a fast food restaurant while on the go. Unfortunately there are few healthy choices. Rather than sacrifice good nutrition, especially if trying to maintain a diet plan, one smart alternative is Muscle Maker Grill in the Shops of Legacy, which provides both dine-in and weekly meal preparation. And all with fresh, high protein, low carb made-to-order items.

Owner John Bosh, in partnership with his brothers Brian and Brad, opened Muscle Maker Grill last fall after looking for the right business opportunity for several years. They visited the franchise headquarters in Newark, NJ, where they fell in love with the food and the concept. The Bosh’s parents owned their own restaurant for many years in Schuyler, NE, so the brothers had grown up in the industry, and each brought a unique skill set to the business. John oversees employees and works with customers, Brian handles food, and Brad manages the accounting.

John said the type of food they serve appeals to anyone who wants meals quickly but that are healthy and who care about what they put into their body. A majority of their items are made with fresh, lean chicken, vegetables, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, low-carb sauces, and a number of gluten-free options. They don’t use breads, high carb wraps or salad dressings. Any chicken items can be replaced with grass fed beef, shrimp, or tilapia.

The most popular entrée is the Godfather, which includes grilled chicken breast, portabella mushrooms, red roasted peppers, mozzarella cheese, gluten- and fat-free balsamic vinaigrette, and served over broccoli. The XXL Turkey Burger Wrap uses lean ground turkey, turkey bacon, reduced-fat cheddar cheese and a fat-free sauce in a low-carb wrap. “People have the concept that healthy food doesn’t have any flavor, but our food is full of flavor,” John said. “If you taste our food, you’ll be back.”

The other half of Muscle Maker Grill’s business is its meal preparation. Customers can choose up to four meals five, six, or seven days a week. All items can be customized according to each customer’s preference, and all meals are prepared fresh and stored in microwavable containers. What’s unique about the Omaha location is that it has become the most successful meal prep store in the Muscle Maker Grill franchise. In fact, with almost 200 customers already ordering weekly meal plans, John had to create his own tracking system.

He attributes its success to the loyal customer base and word of mouth. “Rather than requiring customers to order their food online and have it delivered, we discuss individual meal plans with our customers,” John said. “They appreciate the personalization, and everyone is upbeat when they come in. It’s a great vibe and environment to be around.” He said he enjoys educating people about the food and their different choices or options for substituting ingredients.

But John said the most rewarding aspect is when a customer comes in and shares their progress, whether it’s weight loss or simply having more energy from healthy eating. “I love hearing that a customer is down 15 pounds,” he said. “We congratulate them, give them a high five, and really celebrate the accomplishment.”

Now that their first location is running smoothly and they have a knowledgeable team working with them, John said he and his brothers are looking forward to opening a second location in Omaha. “We were diligent about the quality of our products and our customer service, and I feel comfortable about where we’re at,” he said. “It’s a big step, but we’re ready to expand. And I believe if your dreams don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough.”  

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