Massage Therapy Offers Numerous Benefits

What was once considered a luxury, often during vacation, massage therapy is now a necessary part of overall health and well-being — similar to exercise and eating right. It is also affordable and available to anyone through membership programs. But not all massages are created equal, and Jamie Burrow, owner of Massage Heights, has gone the extra mile to ensure his guests have that spa-like, pampered experience.

From the moment you walk through the door at Massage Heights, you’re given the attention you deserve and can relax in the serene environment, taking in the lavender scented candles and soothing soft colors. Combine that with the 1,000 thread count linens on the medical grade massage beds and free aromatherapy with your service, and you’re in for a treat for the next 30 to 120 minutes.

“Just because you’re getting an affordable massage doesn’t mean you should sacrifice aesthetics or a true spa look and feel,” said Burrow. “We’re in the same price range as our competitors, but we offer extras, such as ‘elevations’ of our massages that include hot stone therapy, active therapy, revitalizing face massage, and a revising foot scrub.”

Burrow opened Massage Heights in 2011 because of his personal experience with the benefits of massage therapy. A former football player at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, he suffered from injuries in college and chronic pain as an adult. “I had never had massage therapy before, and it was like night and day,” he said. “I use it for stress and tension management as well as increased blood flow and general health and well-being.”

Massage Heights offers a number of different types of massage services, and its 20 therapists are all trained in multiple modalities. “Swedish and deep tissue are the most popular,” said Alexa Nelson, the retreat director. “We also offer reflexology, prenatal, Thai, Reiki, and injury specific massage.” All of their therapists are insured and licensed by the State of Nebraska, which she said requires more hours than most states. “And about 40% of our therapists have been here for a year and a half or more, so our guests can develop a long-term relationship with their therapist.”

Matching the right therapist for each guest is important too. Not only do the therapists go through an extensive verbal interview and a massage practical, but guests are educated by the lifestyle consultants to find out what their needs are. “We want to set up both our guests and therapists for success,” Burrow said. “We recommend you have a primary therapist and two others you like as well, that way you always have a good experience.”

All new guests receive an hour-long massage for $49.99, and then are encouraged to become a member. There are three membership levels that include either a one-hour or 90-minute massage each month, aromatherapy, and service elevation. If you don’t use your monthly massage, it does roll-over to the next month. Guests can schedule weeks in advance or often are able to get in the same day, with evening and weekend appointments available.

Burrow said massage therapy benefits everyone. “For a majority of people, once they get a massage, it’s an eye opener.” He encourages anyone to come in and try it, and Nelson said you’ll be surprised by what you get. “We want to ensure our guests return, so we match you according to your needs and provide a custom massage,” she said. “From an overall experience stand point, we think you’ll be wowed.”

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