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Get Pumped Up – The Remarkable Macie Scott

Kids and adults alike have a fascination with balloons, especially when used to create cute animals and fun objects like hats and swords. Ten-year-old Macie Scott from Plattsmouth, NE, discovered her fascination for balloons a year ago. Now the self-taught balloon artist performs her craft at the local farmers market, craft fairs, and birthday parties as one of the youngest artists in the area.

  • girl and balloons
  • girl and balloons

Edge: How did you learn to twist balloons?

Scott: One of my mom’s friends, Bethany, is a balloon artist and she made a giant balloon dog. It even had a leash! I wanted to learn how to do it. She sent me a few YouTube links, I went to a balloon warehouse store to buy supplies, and I started practicing. The supply store also has balloon jams once a month that I attend where other balloon artists gather and share tips and tricks. We learn a lot from each other at those.

Cory Scott: I was blown away by how fast she can learn to do them. I asked her to make me a bicycle, and she said, ‘okay’ and then just did it.

Edge: How did you get started at the farmers market?

Scott: I started attending every Saturday and made them out of the back of my mom’s car. I have a book with photos and kids can pick which one they want. I don’t charge, but I do take donations.

Cory Scott: She’s made quite a bit of money at it. She also wants to do it for charities such as Children’s Hospital, but that hasn’t happened yet because of Covid restrictions. But she gets calls for birthday parties and other events.

Christine Scott: People at the farmers market ask for ‘the balloon girl.’

Edge: What are some of your favorite things to make?

Scott: I really like making Christmas balloons, and I created my own snowman and decorated it with Sharpies. The hardest is a snake because you have to curl the balloon. There’s also a technique called distortion, which is blowing up a balloon inside another balloon.

Christine Scott: It’s so interesting to watch it all happen!

Edge: Do you pop many balloons?

Scott: Yes! But I don’t scream anymore when it happens.

Edge: What supplies do you have?

Scott: I bought a large hand pump for $100 with my own money, lots of balloons, and a bag to keep them all organized. I love the chrome balloons and I really like the flower shaped balloons.

Edge: What other activities do you enjoy?

Scott: I’ve been playing drums since I was four and hope to play percussion in band at school next year. I also take dance lessons—jazz, tap, hip hop, pre-acrobatic, and pre-pointe.

Cory Scott: And she’s a straight ‘A’ student.

Scott: I really want to get into clowning too. I even have my clown name picked out—Sprinkles—and I have a big bow with sprinkles that I’d wear!

Edge: How does someone contact you if they want to hire you for an event?

Scott: They can reach out on my Instagram page Pumped Up Balloon Creations.

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