From Their Family to Yours

Ron Stortz

Financial Group treats you like family

Helping retirees comes naturally for Ron Stortz. The Omaha native grew up only a few miles from his grandparents, who lived on a farm north of town, and who influenced his strong work ethic. For the last 12 years of his grandfather’s life, Ron and his wife Brandy brought him into their home to care for him. Ron also witnessed his grandparents’ financial challenges associated with retirement, which prompted him to become a financial advisor after earning his degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

In 2001 he formed Stortz Financial Group, where he provides wealth management, financial planning, retirement, insurance, and estate planning strategies for those near or in retirement. He believes having a financial plan is necessary for everyone. “My philosophy is to coach my clients,” Ron said. “I give them the information and the tools to make decisions that are right for them.”

His coaching instinct comes from years of having coached youth sports, primarily little league girls’ fast pitch softball. And with four daughters of his own, he now coaches their sports teams. Just like in sports, Ron helps people set goals and then teaches them what they need to know to achieve those goals. Because everyone’s financial goals are different, Ron spends an initial meeting just getting to know the client and doesn’t discuss investments until later. “I want to understand their needs and wants and then build a plan suited specifically to them,” he said.

That kind of personalized attention takes extra time. Even though Ron works 60-70 hours a week, he said he wouldn’t do it any differently. “The best part of this job is the relationships,” he said. “I love hearing about my clients’ grandkids, vacations, and what’s important to them. That’s the rewarding part.” And his self-proclaimed stubbornness also helps propel him to work harder for his clients because he likes seeing them reach their goals.

Achieving a balance is key in all aspects of life, whether with finances or family. Ron takes great pride in helping his clients achieve that, as well as for himself. His long work weeks include evening events and presentations for clients and prospective clients, but he still makes sure to spend a few evenings a week at home with his family, who gives him a strong support system. “Family is the most important thing to Ron,” said Brandy. “That’s why he treats his staff and his clients all like family.”

That family environment is evident at Stortz Financial. Office Manager Sasha Opal has been working with Ron for more than 16 years and drives an hour each way every day to and from Emerson, Iowa. “Not many people can say they love their job and love their boss, but I can say that about both,” she said. Sasha and Ron worked together early in their careers when he took her under his wing and mentored her. When he asked her to join his new company, she didn’t hesitate. “You can get financial products anywhere, but you can’t get the kind of personal attention and relationship he provides anywhere else,” she said. “He’s confident, sincere, and one of the most generous people I know.”

That kind of trust in each other works both ways. “I have a great team and everyone has an important role,” Ron said. When all those roles come together, working for the benefit of each individual client, then everyone shares in each other’s successes. “I’m all about doing wealth management the right way,” he added. “I want to help anyone I can, whenever I can.”

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