Echo Systems helps bring out the best in your home

Everyone’s home depends on some level of technology, whether it’s watching TV, listening to music, or getting online with multiple devices. What many people don’t realize is what type of options are available that can make their everyday use of technology at home more efficient and more pleasing. Echo Systems has built a state-of-the-art Experience Center and welcomes anyone to visit and learn ways they can incorporate technology into their lifestyle and budget.

The 12,000 sq. ft. showroom is designed like a home with each room providing visual examples of ways to use lighting, audio, and visual components that are not only more efficient, but enhance the aesthetic design of the room. Some of these include the use of art lifts over TVs, degrees of invisibility with speakers, and controlling lighting with a single key pad rather than a bank of switches. Helping customers understand LED lighting is also an area they specialize in.

“Most people don’t expect to see what we have here and are surprised by it,” said Doug Dushan, Echo’s senior sales consultant and marketing coordinator. “It’s worth taking 30 minutes to have a tour. Once you see it in person, then you understand why it’s important. If you’re going to use the talents of a builder and interior designer for your home, then you want to make sure their aesthetic intents are illuminated properly. Otherwise all that talent goes unseen.”

Although Echo’s showroom is filled with state-of-the-art uses of technology, Dushan said most of their clients are not tech oriented. Rather, the perfect client is anyone who has ever become frustrated by technology in their home. This is also why Echo designs systems that are very user friendly for everyone in the household. “It’s much easier controlling the technology in a well-designed home than it is learning how to use a new smart phone,” he said. And to ensure every component works properly in the home, Echo Systems tests it first in its production room. “We don’t gamble with components,” Dushan said. “Every system is designed, built, and tested prior to install.”

Educating homeowners about options and what’s available in technology isn’t the only role Echo plays. They also help customers tailor expectations so they meet budget demands. “Your home doesn’t have to look like our showroom,” Dushan said. “We take the time to understand your needs, both current and future, and structure a system that delivers on our promise.” Even if you’re just curious to see what’s possible and get reliable information, Dushan is happy to personally give tours and talk through anything a customer is thinking about.

“Technology exists out of necessity,” he explained. “Often times you need to be able to control a security system remotely, such as when you’re traveling. Or you need proper lighting simply to see the thermostat. Too often technology is an afterthought, but it needs to be integrated into the building or remodeling process as early as possible because it will affect the value of living in that home long term. When we understand your needs, then we can develop a very good working relationship.”

Not only does the showroom illustrate examples of how technology can be used in the home, it also features the latest in business technology solutions. Examples include an executive conference room, sophisticated door access systems, as well as video surveillance and conferencing. “The showroom is a piece we can offer that others can’t,” said John Palser, Vice President of Echo Systems. “There are many aspects of technology that are difficult to describe and can only be understood by experiencing it.”

Providing that expertise in physical form and combining it with the customer service and valued relationships is what truly sets Echo Systems apart. And they want to share that with everyone who walks through the door. “We feel anybody that’s investing in a home owes it to themselves to see what we have here,” Palser said. “It’s important for clients to understand everything that’s available and important for us to find out what features are most important to each client. Then we can lay out the roadmap and help integrate technology into your home or business properly.”

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