Common Interests, Common Goal

Korbin Meink & Jeffrey Heinz  |  Age 16  |  Skutt Catholic High School

As young boys, both Korbin Meink and Jeffrey Heinz developed a love for the sport of wrestling. 

For Jeffrey, taking up the sport of wresting in kindergarten was following in his family’s footsteps.  His father had been a wrestler and his Uncle Steve had been a state champion.  His older brothers had also wrestled — James placed fifth at state in 2007 for Bennington High School and John qualified for state competition in 2013 for Fort Calhoun High School.  Jeffrey is a six time Mat Master Champion at the Huskerland State Tournament, winning each year from third through 8th grade.

Korbin played many sports as a youth: football, soccer, baseball, swimming, gymnastics, and track.  When it came to wrestling, it was his mother that convinced the family he should give it a try and now the entire family is passionate about the sport.  Korbin began wrestling at Platteview and when he needed more challenging practice partners he moved to Plattsmouth.  As he continued to improve, he moved between various wrestling clubs — BJSA, KWAA, MWC, and finally Meneely.  Korbin is also a six time Mat Master Champion at the Huskerland State Tournament.

When the time came for Korbin and Jeffrey to decide what they were going to do for their high school wrestling careers, the decision was an easy one to make.  Skutt Catholic High School has won 15 of the last 16 Class B state titles and coach Brad Hildebrandt has an excellent reputation.  Korbin had been receiving private lessons from Coach Hildebrandt and as a result had started to follow the Skutt program.  At meets, the Skutt wrestlers were booed by others and Korbin knew at that point that was where he wanted to wrestle because he knew people took notice of the team.  For Jeffrey, he wanted the opportunity to become a state competitor as others in his family had done.

Entering their freshman year in the fall of 2013, Korbin and Jeffrey started as adversaries competing for a spot in the same weight category.  They both worked exceptionally hard to earn the spot, each becoming a better wrestler as a result.  It was ultimately decided it was in the best common interest of the boys and the team to compete at different weight classes, Korbin at 106 pounds and Jeffrey at 113 pounds. 

No longer competing, a tight knit friendship was forged.  Korbin and Jeffrey are nearly inseparable both at school and away.  Jeffrey’s family lives in Fort Calhoun and his dad, who works in Elkhorn, transports Jeffrey to and from school most days.  When there are school activities, or inclement weather, Jeffrey often stays at Korbin’s house.  Jeffrey is considered a member of the Meink family and they now refer to the guest bedroom as “Jeff’s Room” and have him perform chores around the house.  The boys are even known to coordinate their clothing, as they did for their EDGE Magazine photoshoot. 

During their freshman year at Skutt, both Korbin and Jeffrey became Class B state champions.  Jeffrey finished the season with a record of 38-11.  Korbin broke the school pin record with 36 pins and tied the school win record of 50 wins.  Moving into their sophomore season, Jeffrey will be wrestling at either 120 or 126 pounds and Korbin at 113 pounds.  Both are on the Huskermat All State Sophomore list with Korbin ranked second, and Jeffrey third. 

At school, both boys are on the academic honor roll.  Away from the mat, Jeffrey enjoys fishing, working out, and watching movies.  Korbin enjoys playing video games, hanging out with friends, and in the summer months, spending time on the lake and boating. 

Korbin is the son of Brant and Sheila Meink, of Omaha, and has two younger brothers, Peyton (12) and Kiernan (7). 

Jeffrey is the son of Jim and Debra Heinz, of Fort Calhoun, and has two older brothers, James and John.

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