Classic Food, Modern Finishes


1814, N 144th St.

 Living off-campus with his brother while attending the University of Nebraska, Jared Clarke never envisioned himself as a chef. As he and his brother were left to fend for themselves, cooking became more than just making meals – it started to become a passion.

Far from his mom’s home-cooked meals in Fairbury, Jared began to experiment in the kitchen. Mixing ingredients and ideas with no formal culinary experience, he and his brother started hosting dinner parties sharing his home cooked meals with friends, offering a fun and fresh alternative to Amigo’s and Runza.

With his love of food now in full swing, Jared joined Chili’s at their Lincoln location where he was introduced to ingredients, techniques, and a basic knowledge of running a kitchen. Within just a few short months, Chili’s identified his talent and promoted him to the role of Corporate Trainer where he assisted in the opening of new locations throughout the Midwest. With his newfound knowledge, Jared recognized his future was destined to be in the kitchen and he enrolled in culinary classes at Southeast Community College where he took his experience and skills to the next level.

While attending classes, and as his knowledge grew, Jared took the roles of sous chef and executive chef in small Lincoln area eateries. Upon completion of his studies at Southeast, he elected to return to the University of Nebraska to study Food Science, where he learned to marry ingredients and gained a greater understanding of food as a whole. With his course work complete, he applied for opportunities in other areas of the country. After interviewing with a number of prospective employers, he and his wife, Andrea, found themselves in a moving van headed for Chicago. While there, he would learn from some of the country’s most experienced chefs and restauranteurs at the prestigious Wildfire Steakhouse.

After a period of time with Wildfire, Jared accepted the role of Research and Development Chef with Cooper’s Hawk Winery. In this role, he was able to create menu concepts and immerse himself in the understanding of wine pairings. After spending nearly six years in Chicago, he had elevated his knowledge and familiarity with Chicago’s aggressive culinary style and fast-paced kitchen atmosphere.

With a well-rounded stint in Chicago under his belt, Jared and his wife decided it was time to return to Omaha as their family began to grow. With stops at Flagship Restaurants, where he assisted in the development of the menu at Blue Sushi, and a successful launch at Blue Agave, it was time to branch out on his own. After checking out various locations, and considering a variety of concepts, he secured his current location at 1814 North 144th Street and launched Railcar Modern American Kitchen, a tribute to Omaha’s Union Pacific ties. It was his vision to bring to life original American cuisine as featured on early dining cars, with a new and modern flair.

Upon entering Railcar, you are enveloped in a warm atmosphere with vintage railroad memorabilia, photography, and rustic railcar wood on the walls. The staff is well-trained to make the experience nothing short of exceptional, but it is examination of the menu that makes you understand the thought put into each dish, each fresh ingredient, and the perfect combination of items served with each meal. Whether it be the truly original appetizers, the amazing entrees with local, fresh ingredients, or their sandwiches with flair – you will not be disappointed. This is not your average Omaha eatery, this is a true dining experience that should not be missed.

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