Maverick Noonan is a True Warrior

Maverick Noonan  |  Graduated Senior  |  Elkhorn South High School

Maverick Noonan, a recent graduate of Elkhorn South High School, is currently early enrolled at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL) after receiving a football scholarship for the Huskers. “I’m excited about being able to play in front of 85,000 fans every weekend and having my family close to watch,” he said. In his senior year, Noonan was named First Team All-State and Captain of the All-State Defensive Team. He was also named team captain of his Elkhorn South varsity football team.

Starting at UNL mid-year might be a challenge, but Noonan was up for it. “I feel like having an extra semester of working out and training with my teammates is really going to help me be better prepared for my first season. Workouts are hard but fun, and it’s been great getting to know my teammates.” His biggest challenge was when he popped a tire on his scooter in the first week. “I had to walk to practice at 5 am.” 

Maverick Noonan and his twin brother, Alec, grew up playing sports together. “Playing with my twin was like always having your best friend to play with. We played a lot of basketball in the driveway and we always competed with each other in everything we did.” They both played basketball and football until their sophomore year at ESHS when they decided to specialize—Alec with basketball, Maverick with football.

Noonan had to work hard to prove himself that year. “My sophomore year I didn’t get to play much at the beginning on varsity, but I ended up getting in and proving myself. I played a lot at the end.” Elkhorn South varsity football coach Guy Rosenberg explained, “As a sophomore, Maverick was battling against talented veteran players. Maverick is a team-first player, so he lined up on the scout team and gave the veteran players the best look possible. He let his actions do the talking. As coaches, we noticed that. As the season progressed, he was playing as much as the starters and earned a scholarship offer from Nebraska as soon as the season was complete.”

Coach Rosenberg is proud of what Noonan accomplished. “Maverick Noonan has been a tone-setter for us on defense and offense. His effort level and physicality are off the charts. His focus and effort are the same no matter the opponent, score, or situation. He’s a true warrior.”

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