Alec Noonan Plays to Win

Alec Noonan  |  Senior  |  Elkhorn South High School

Elkhorn South High School senior Alec Noonan has always enjoyed playing basketball, especially against his twin brother, Maverick. “I have always been around sports and played every sport I could when I was younger, but the sport I always looked forward to playing the most was basketball,” he said. “I started playing when I was in fourth grade, and I enjoyed playing one on one with my brother, but I always got mad when I lost. I would not let Maverick go inside until I beat him. Those games made me fall in love with basketball and gave me the desire to win.”

Growing up in an athletic family encouraged Noonan to push himself to improve. “The main thing that motivates me is being able to win. I love winning, and working the hardest I can helps me win more.” That hard work has paid off. He’s led scoring in class A basketball all season and will be attending Midland University on a basketball scholarship this fall. Additionally, he was third team All-Metro last year and honorable mention All-State.

Elkhorn South boys varsity basketball coach J.J. Zumbrennen has had the privilege of coaching Noonan for several years. “Alec is a great athlete and player because of his work ethic and attention to detail. I know that a lot of people may say that about kids who are successful, but Alec has a ‘refuse to lose’ mentality. He is never satisfied with where he is at in terms of his abilities or skill level. There is always something he thinks he can be better at. Alec also brings a calmness to our team. As a senior leader, he is the guy everyone looks to when the night may not be going our way. He always remains calm, demands greatness out of his teammates, and has the mental and physical ability to take over a game when it is demanded of him.”

Despite being the leading scorer in class A basketball this season, Noonan doesn’t let that pressure him during the game. “I do not go into a game telling myself I need to score this amount to keep my average. I play to win.” He feels fortunate to play for Elkhorn South with Coach Zumbrennen. “I have got a great relationship with my coaches and teammates. When we win, it makes it that much better that I get to win with my friends.”

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