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Sean Harley helps build better lives

Everyone knows the dedication it takes to develop a fitness routine and then stick with it. Committing to daily workouts and a healthy diet has its challenges, but it also has infinite rewards. Sean Harley, professional body builder and owner of ithinkfit gym in Omaha has taken that dedication to the highest level to achieve his personal goals, and now he’s helping others achieve their own goals on multiple levels.

Growing up in Schuyler, NE, Harley was always a natural athlete and wanted a career in the fitness industry. After graduating from Midlands College, he moved to California where he was discovered on the beach by a fitness photographer, which launched his career into fitness modeling. In 2009 he won the body spokes model contest, which garnered him publicity and led to magazine covers such as Iron Man, Muscle & Fitness, Physique, and dozens more industry publications around the world.

He began competing in 2011 at the amateur level and then earned his International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) pro card at which he currently competes. As he continues to strive for personal excellence through competitions, his professional focus is on growing his businesses, which include the ithinkfit gym and his line of Rock Solid nutritional supplements, which he and business partner Heath Murray developed together and sell as part of an overall approach to health and fitness.

“We opened the gym in 2008 and started with one medicine ball and one kettle bell,” Harley said. “We slowly acquired more equipment and grew into the space.” The 15,000 sq. ft. gym offers unique equipment such as 250 and 350-lb. tractor tires, a rope ladder, and a treadmill that inclines up to 30 degrees. Clients purchase a monthly subscription to the gym, which gives them access to 34 different weekly classes, body analysis, and nutritional guidance.

There are a variety of classes for all interests and styles of training. Fit Camp is a circuit training class geared for all fitness levels; Rock Solid training incorporates functional moves such as flipping tires or swinging ropes; and the Olympus Class focuses on weight lifting and muscle isolation. The gym also offers massage, spray tanning, and cold laser therapy for injuries.

There are six personal trainers on staff plus Harley and Murray, and Harley said a majority of their clients are busy professionals who are serious about their workouts and looking for a challenge. “What makes us different is that we are dedicated and live the lifestyle,” he said. “We are customer goal-oriented and care about their results.” They hold 10-week transformation contests in which two winners each receive $1,000. “Having an end date motivates people, similar to what I do when I’m training for a competition,” Harley added.

Since fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand, Harley developed Rock Solid supplements, which are available online and in the gym. Harley said they started with a fat burning product then expanded to include proteins, natural testosterone boosters, and amino acids. The grass-fed whey protein is a best seller and is available in flavors such as cake batter, rocky road, and cinnabun. “All of our products have been studied and proven, and clients tell us they’re the best tasting,” Harley said.

Helping others achieve their goals is a big motivator for Harley. He still does a couple competitions per year and tries to improve a little each time. “As you get older you usually don’t compete as much, but it’s good to see what you can accomplish,” he said. “I’m doing what I’m passionate about and what I love. Overall it’s about the strong relationships you have with people, the positive effect you have on them, and how you’re able to change their lives for the better, forever.”

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