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Cale Ferrin: A Star is Born

Cale Ferrin  |  Age 10  |  Reagan Elementary

When you hear the phrase “meant to be,” it couldn’t apply more to Cale Ferrin who is a fourth grader at Millard’s Reagan Elementary and an accomplished actor. He also has a rare, genetic terminal disease called Fanconi Anemia that has no known cure and eventually results in bone marrow failure. Even with a shortened life expectancy (average age is 33) Cale is fulfilling his dream and living every day to its fullest. His parents, Britteny and Justin Ferrin, decided early on to support his natural talent. And the minute you meet Cale, you’ll know why acting and making people smile is what he was born to do.

Edge: How did Cale first get into acting?

Britteny: Three years ago we heard a radio commercial for an open call by a talent scout agency. I was hesitant to have Cale do it, but he was adamant that he wanted to try. We practiced a script and waited with 400 other people trying out. He got a call back the very next day. From there he took acting classes and then competed in a national competition in Los Angeles where he won all kinds of awards and we met with numerous talent scouts and agents. We eventually got an agent and a manager and have had the same team ever since.

Edge: What was the first gig Cale landed?

Cale: My first acting job was on Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It was amazing meeting those actors. I was on the superhero episode. My favorite line I had was “That’s flying Goggle Boy!”

Edge: What have been some of your other roles?

Cale: I was a guest star on the TV Land show “Teachers.” It was fun because all I had to do was talk to a crazy old teacher!

Edge: How often do you book a gig?

Britteny: We usually have one about every 3-4 months. He and I fly to L.A. and Justin stays home with our other two children, (Anna age 5 and JJ age 12). Sometimes Cale only has 12 hours to memorize a script, but he is so good at memorizing.

Edge: What’s your favorite part about going out to LA.?

Cale: Disneyland! We go there every time. I also like meeting new people. Oh! And it’s warm in L.A. all the time. I like that too.

Edge: You’ve also been in a music video by Jack Dempsey, you recently emceed Omaha Fashion Week, and you were in a Target commercial. What were those like?

Cale: Amazing! I got to just dance and have fun in the music video, and Omaha Fashion Week was awesome. Commercials are the best because I don’t have to memorize lines. For Target a bunch of kids just got to play in a tent.

Edge: What’s your favorite TV show?

Cale: KC Undercover because I love playing spy.

Edge: Favorite food?

Cale: Mac n cheese, especially when it has bread crumbs on top.

Edge: What would be the perfect acting job?

Cale: KC Undercover!

Britteny: I think if someone wrote a script specifically for Cale that would be perfect for him. He’s such a complex package. He’s good at everything he tries, he’s passionate about friends and family but also protective of his feelings. I think the best thing about Cale is he’s got the biggest heart despite everything he goes through, whether medical or social. He has to fight every day, even though he doesn’t look at it that way.

Cale: (leans in toward Britteny and whispers) I love you Mom.

Britteny: (Britteny hugs him and smiles) His purpose in acting in this world is to share his experience and let people know that even if you have a terminal illness, he can still raise awareness and still live a full life.

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  1. Joyce Elliott

    Just started watching Endlings today and thoroughly enjoying it. Cale hasn’t spoken a word yet but has managed to convey so many emotions. Very talented young man

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