Borsheims Boutique has a gift for all

By Holly Lewis, GIA Diamonds Graduate, A.J.P. 

Executive Sales Associate

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your Valentine, Borsheims’ top sales associate Holly Lewis knows a thing or two about selecting the ideal gift based on the stage of your relationship.  With over 17 years of experience, Holly enjoys sharing her knowledge of jewelry and accessories with her customers, making the decision-making process a little easier.

We asked Holly to share her advice on Valentine’s Day gift-giving.

For the new couple:

Wood and glass heart box, 5”, by Lawrence and Crane. Retail $99

Heart bowl, 7”, in pomegranate by Julia Knight. Retail $59

What do you do when you are dating? You go out. A lot. Either of these gifts are great items to store dating keepsakes in—movie ticket stubs, pictures, and really any memento from a special night. It’s a great Valentine’s gift because it’s heart shaped and sentimental, but it’s also a low pressure gift because it’s not a piece of jewelry!

For the engaged/newly married couple:

Diamond and sterling silver earrings from Lagos, Retail $795

Diamond and sterling silver ring from Lagos, Retail $650

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to add something fun to your significant other’s jewelry wardrobe. Save the diamond studs, diamond pendant, or gold necklace for Christmas or an anniversary. Give your sweetie something fashionable and festive for the holiday. This Lagos set, either together or separate, is a great way to give affordable sparkle.

For the long-term couple:

Double row white ceramic and pink sapphire bracelet from Italian designer Roberto DeMeglio, Retail $1568

Single row white ceramic and black diamond bracelet from Italian designer Roberto DeMeglio, Retail $1398

At this stage in your relationship she has a well-appointed jewelry box. The diamond studs are there as are the nice watch and maybe even an upgraded engagement ring. It’s time to give her something totally unexpected and something that she’s looked at, but hasn’t bought for herself yet. Enter the Italians. Italian jewelry design is renown and ceramic is making a presence in jewelry construction lately. These are funky bangles that she will find herself wearing often.

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