Author: Edge Staff

A Fall to Remember

Autumn is right around the corner, and there’s no better place to slip on a cozy sweatshirt, sip hot apple cider, and admire the fall leaves than at a Midwest outdoor oasis—Big Cedar Lodge. September and October are the months when visitors to the area celebrate Cedar Fest, which offers […]

Entrepreneurial Artist

When 15-year-old Amor Lopez attended an herbal aromatherapy class with her friend several years ago, little did she know it would be the start of her artistic entrepreneurial journey. She created animal patterns out of fabric and filled them with lavender flowers and sold them under the business name “Aromapets.” […]

5 Steps to the Perfect Cocktail

The bar: V. Mertz The bartender: Alex The drink: Vacay in Menorca Step 1: What you need: 1.5 oz Gin de Mahón (Xoriguer distillery) .75 oz lime juice .75 oz orange fennel syrup 2 dashes Old Fashioned Bitters Step 2: Add all ingredients Step 3: Shake well Step 4: Double […]

More Bang for your Buck

Well known for its love of fireworks, Nebraska’s pyrotechnics scene is gaining more traction every year. Avid fireworks enthusiasts and co-founders of Twisted Thunder, a fireworks supplier located in the Omaha area, Ryan Steffen and Mark Texel first set out to help put Nebraska on the map in 2018. In […]

Best Summer Ever at Big Cedar Lodge

Summer has finally arrived, and there is no better way to dip your toe in the water—literally—than to visit Big Cedar Lodge in the Ozarks. There are activities for every interest and age, but the sweeping views and lush surroundings serve as a tranquil backdrop for all who visit. Family […]

Crafting for Critters

Last summer during the pandemic, 11-year-old Reese Neu, a fifth grader at Prairie Queen Elementary in Papillion, wanted a project she could do at home. Her neighbor kept tiny buckets of nuts on a picnic table to feed the squirrels, and it sparked an idea. Reese set out to make […]

Infinite Wisdom

The pandemic has proven to be a challenging time for everyone, but it has also brought opportunities for creativity. While quarantined at the start of the pandemic and unable to attend school, Westside High School senior Andrew Li received an email from his physics teacher about a global math and […]

5 Steps to the Perfect Cocktail

The bar: Mahogany Prime Steakhouse The bartender: Brittany The drink: Golden Appletini Step 1: What you need: 1 oz. lemon rum .75 oz. Apple Pucker .5 oz. Golden 8 Pear Brandy .5 oz. pineapple juice .5 oz. lemon juice .5 oz. sweet & sour mix Step 2: Combine all ingredients […]

5 Steps to the Perfect Cocktail

The bar: Edge of the Universe The bartender: Rachel The drink: Fairy Dust Step 1: What you need: 2 oz vodka 1 oz triple sec Drinkable glitter Step 2: Combine first three ingredients in a shaker over ice Step 3: Shake well Step 4: Sprinkle the drinkable glitter into your […]

Going for Gold

Kids often try numerous activities before they find one that sticks. But when 11-year-old Faith Crooks stepped onto an ice-skating rink for the first time four years ago, she was immediately hooked. It was no surprise to her father, Chris, who grew up playing and later coaching hockey, but what […]