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A Passionate Heart for Helping Others

Sticking to a fitness routine can be challenging. One of the best ways to ensure it becomes a life-long habit is accountability. A personal trainer not only provides that accountability but also guides, supports, and cares about your health journey. A good trainer isn’t just knowledgeable about health and fitness—they need to have a natural passion and heart for helping others.

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When Sommer and Ryan Hahn opened The Exercise Coach in Omaha nearly two years ago, they wanted to find trainers who had a desire to build relationships and make a difference in people’s lives. They already had the robotic equipment and method in place—two 20-minute workouts per week using patented technology to diagnose exercise specifically for each individual in an effort to prevent and reverse age-related muscle loss. But the right trainers would impact their success. “We focused on finding people with a strong desire to make a difference,” Ryan Hahn said. “Our trainers are the biggest reason we’ve been able to grow so quickly in the Omaha community.”

Nebraska native Garrett Shaal had been an engineer when the pandemic made him reflect on his career. Watching his wife help people as a physical therapist inspired him to get his personal trainer certification. His engineering background piqued an interest to combine fitness and technology, and a Google search connected him to The Exercise Coach. “Engineering is science based, and the fact we can show people through charts and graphs exactly how they are building strength is pretty cool,” he said.

The biggest surprise he’s experienced since joining The Exercise Coach is how people have made the 20-minute workout a priority in their lives, which he attributes to the fact that it works. “It’s a challenging 20 minutes, but it’s the most unique workout experience you’ll ever have.” Safety is a priority, and the technology allows them to accommodate any injury. Shaal also likes the challenge of working with individuals. “My job is to find out what motivates you and get you to come in so we can meet those goals,” he said.

Zach Wilson is the studio manager and the lead trainer at the West Omaha location. He learned about the Exercise Coach from Sommer’s mother who belonged to a previous gym where Wilson worked. He jumped at the chance to help individuals with their health and fitness in a way that was never available to such a wide range of people, especially those in the 40 and up demographic.

Wilson’s caring nature developed at a young age. His mother ran a senior home where he considered them to all be grandparents and has always had a “soft spot” for people in need. He feels The Exercise Coach provides a safe place to get stronger and experience all of the health benefits that come along with it. This includes a teen who wants to excel at a sport, an adult who wants to remain active at golf, or a senior who has the flexibility to tie their own shoes. “We’re able to meet you exactly where you are in life,” Wilson said.

Shaal and Wilson are just two examples of the like-minded team of trainers at The Exercise Coach. “We have been so blessed with a truly amazing team across all our locations,” said Sommer Hahn. Shaal will be the lead trainer at The Exercise Coach’s third studio, opening this spring in Northwest Omaha near 144th and Maple. “We’re here to help meet your goals and change your life,” Shaal said. “We take a lot of pride in that.” Visit to learn more and request two free personal training sessions.

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