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5 Steps to the Perfect Cocktail

The Bar: Deja Vu Lounge The Bartender/Owner: Nikki Richardson The Drink: The Andrea  (served as a shot or martini) Step 1- What you need: 1.5 oz of Patron XO 2 oz of 'Orchata a splash of milk Oreo cookie crumbs Chocolate Syrup Step 2- Mix ingredients in shaker Step 3- […]

5 Steps to the Perfect Cocktail

THE BAR: Shucks THE BARTENDER: Greg Palmer aka Palmer THE DRINK: The Kinky Cosmo   1.  What you need: 1.5 oz Kettle One Vodka 1.5 oz Kinky Liqueur 1 oz Grand Marnier 2 oz Cranberry Juice   2.  Pour ingredients into shaker   3.  Squeeze in the juice from a […]

5 Steps To The Perfect Cocktail

THE BAR: Mahogany THE BARTENDER: Elizabeth Vicary THE DRINK: Ginger Mule 1. What you need: 2 Gingers Whiskey, ginger beer, lime garnish and, of course, a copper cup. 2. Pour a two-count of 2 Gingers Whiskey over ice in the copper cup. 3. Top off with ginger beer. 4. Squeeze […]

5 Steps To Make A Perfect Cocktail

The bar: Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse The bartender: Luke Kothe The drink: Italian Evening • 1.5 oz. DeKuyper Cherry Pucker. That’s no misprint: Cherry. Pucker. • 1.5 oz. Pallini Limoncello. • 2 oz. fresh-squeezed orange juice and 1 oz seltzer water. • Chilled, sugar-rimmed glass • Shake and serve with orange […]