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Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Everyone wants to live in a home that is a beautiful reflection of his or her own personal taste. What they might not realize is that just as importantly, your home should also perform perfectly to fit your lifestyle. Achieving this functional aesthetic may sound next to impossible, and that’s where professional interior designers come in.  A beautiful space that stands the test of time and wear doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the careful result of a team of professionals working through minute details. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should call a designer to assist you with your next project…

Working with a designer will save you money.

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture that didn’t fit in your space or spent countless hours and resources trying out paint colors until you found the “right” one? Designers can save you money by avoiding costly mistakes. We are here to spend your dollar wisely, as if it were our own, not to spend your every last dollar.

2 You’re going to save time.

Designers are used to working on timelines. We know what needs to be done by when and we keep the whole team on point when it comes to deadlines.

3 Designers provide professional evaluations.

Interior design is a balance of art and science, and professionals have gone to school to study and learn both. All of our design staff members have college degrees in interior design and are affiliated with the American Society of Interior Designers, (ASID). We see things you don’t, like scale, color and pattern, and we put together a strategic plan to keep your project on point.

Designers are your qualified liaison.

Designers know the lingo. Communication between contractors, electricians, plumbers, painters, installers, etc., has to be open and has to be professional. We know the best people in the business and we know how to work with them to properly manage your time and your money.

Designers have the resources and the contacts.

We’ve been doing this for 55 years. We know the best contractors and vendors and we work with the most talented people in the business. We also have the relationships and buying power with the best home furnishings companies in the world, and we’re honored to pass that quality, tradition, and value on to you, our clients.

You’re going to have the WOW factor.

Our designers are trained to think creatively. We pay attention to details like making sure you have the proper lighting, the correct furniture placement, creative and functional fabric selections, a perfect color palette, even the best fixtures, hardware, artwork, accessories and lamps. We have access to trade-only pieces, and we can help you to create a home that is truly unique to your tastes and lifestyle.

Don’t go it alone… pair with a professional and live the dream in your DREAM HOME! Cheers to your next project!

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