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Why Hire an Event Planner?

Andrea Zahourek is the Owner and Creative Director of AZ + Co., a full-service event planning and design company. With a “one stop” approach, AZ + Co. offers everything from planning, production, day of coordination, floral design, as well as both event and home design. AZ + Co. specializes in corporate, non-profit and life events such as weddings and graduations. No event is out of scope and variety is their jam! With over 5,000 square feet of inventory, AZ + Co. has everything you need for your next design project, staging or celebration available for rent at its fingertips!

Why hire an event planner?

Imagine hosting an event that your guests will rave about that you did not lose a minute of sleep over. That is the value of hiring an event planner. An event planner’s task is to take the client’s wants and needs, create the vision and make it come to fruition by connecting with the area’s best vendors and integrating the hottest trends at your budget. All the while you sit back as the magic happens! Success for an event planner lies in you–the client–enjoying your event fully present with your guests.

How much will hiring an event planner cost?

In a full-service scenario, a combination of coordination and design starts with a flat fee of $500 to $7,000 depending on the scope of the event.  Additional costs incur based on need: venue rental, catering, florals, entertainment, graphic design, etc. The initial meeting will establish the budget and leeway points. An experienced planner will point out whether the budget is realistic and recommend areas to adjust design to maximize funds.

AZ + Co. offers up to two free hours of consultation with a budget proposal to follow. If full service is not within the client’s budget, AZ + Co. can provide alternative services: event rental, space design, or day of coordination.

How soon would I need to hire an event planner for my event?

Find yourself in a time crunch? This is when an event planner thrives! With fine-tuned time management skills and a don for delegation, an event planner can pull everything together within a strict deadline saving you time and stress by coordinating with all vendors and sourcing any needed supplies.

What’s the difference between an event planner, event coordinator, and event designer?

Under the scope of full service, AZ + Co. wears all of these hats. Generally speaking, an event planner makes critical decisions regarding who, what, when and how. An event coordinator, however, focuses on logistics, assuring each vendor arrives promptly and performs appropriately. If the coordinator is the brains, the designer is the heart. An event designer works with you to develop a theme, color palette and vibe; they ensure the event has a cohesive look, providing all decor and entertainment to achieve both the desired aesthetic and ambiance.

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