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Where is your Head at?

Did you know the human body has over 100 billion nerve cells, but only 10% have the ability to sense pain? Pain is often the last symptom to present itself and can indicate a more serious underlying condition.

Whether you are sitting at a desk, looking at a phone, or reading a magazine, your posture can add unnecessary stress to your spine. The average head weighs approximately 10 pounds; when looking down at just a thirty-degree angle there is an additional 30 pounds of force being applied to the neck. That is the equivalent to carrying about three cases of water on your head.

This amount of added force over time leads the body to compensate, a condition commonly known as text neck. The repetitive stress can lead to subtle nerve interference, which may result in pain.

You can think of the nervous system as a highway, with the cars representing the signals being sent between the brain and billions of nerve cells. These nerve cells function to create action throughout the body. Text neck decreases the function of the nervous system like a poorly maintained road slows traffic. This decrease in function may present as: headaches, migraines, nausea, radiating tingling or numbness, or general muscle tightness.

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