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Warm Weather Vacation Home, Anyone?

As we sit in the cold winter weather, have you ever asked, “Why do we live here, it is cold and we do not see the sun for months?” I personally ask myself this numerous times during the winter.

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In 2017, I visited Arizona for the first time and absolutely fell in love with it, from the weather to the activities, the upkeep of the area, and just mingling and getting to know locals and other Nebraskans who frequent Arizona, it has become a sort of second home.

Through my business, Michael Maley Real Estate, I have mastered the market in Omaha and truly take the time to learn what my client wants locally. Now I have partnered with my good friend and top Arizona realtor Kelly Connolly to do the same for you in Arizona.

The idea of owning a second home in Arizona excites me, something totally different than I have here locally. Although I love my Omaha home, the architecture, nature, mountains, and so on just provide such a great backdrop for my home there.

There are many options available in Arizona, from condo, villa, single family home, ownership in a resort, etc. The opportunities are endless. The newest opportunity and best one in my mind is buying a home and using it as an Airbnb. I never would have thought that I would venture into the hospitality world, but that is what I found to be the smartest and most economical way to purchase a second home in Arizona.

Through local resources, the property will be entirely managed and taken care of for me. I visit when I want and leave it in someone else’s hands when I do not want to be there. This creates a virtual “free vacation home” for me without any worry.

To find out more about making your warm weather winter dream a reality, contact Michael Maley, Owner/Developer/Agent, 402.981.7400 or Kelly Connolly,
Agent, 402.996.0510,

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