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Warm up to the Latest Interior Design Trends

Trends in the interior design industry are continually evolving and resurfacing. Clients are gravitating toward an updated traditional style, mixing classic styling with modern flair. Trends seem to be recycled, always going out and coming back in different ways, while the line defining different styles blurs a little more every day. New product introductions indicate a resurgence of design trends popular during the 70s, 80s and 90s. Warmer colors, mixed metals, and a return to nature are all current industry trends.

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The cool neutrals that were prevalent a decade ago have given way to a more colorful palette, including warmer earth tones and the resurgence of mauve as a go-to neutral. Cozy interiors that exuberate warmth and personality and incorporate a more eclectic feel by mixing different styles are growing in popularity. While many clients still love the clean and simple styling, they lean toward creating a home that gives a cozier ambiance. To achieve this type of styling, our designers at Interiors Joan and Associates incorporate fine details like textured or patterned fabrics and wallcoverings, as well as earth tones and warmer finishes.

Notes of nature are also growing in popularity, whether this includes incorporating a landscape wallcovering or botanical patterned fabrics, as well as earth tones throughout materials. Natural exposed wood has been a consistent trend in the design world, whether it is incorporated into cabinets, flooring, or baseboards and casings, to furniture like dining or console tables. Natural wood elements, including live edges and natural finishes are prevalent in the furniture industry.

Many homeowners continue to choose the warmth of wood features throughout their main living spaces, while using rugs, draperies, and upholstery to add softness, giving that homey feeling. Many clients also love the look and feel of exposed wooden beams, but the cost and labor can often deter clients from pursuing these design choices. Faux beams can be a more accommodating option for many, which are more cost effective and weigh less, cutting costs on installation labor.

Mixing metals is another popular trend. By mixing and coordinating finishes, this helps a client’s home come to life in big ways with small details, helping more accurately capture the ambiance of a homey feel as well as incorporating a uniform yet casual feel to a space. Plumbing, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware—the “jewelry” of the home—offer opportunities to add subtle detail and personality to a space.

What goes around will always come back with a modern twist. Chasing the latest trend is giving way to a desire to incorporate authenticity, function, and personality within a space, while others might go for a more eclectic style, incorporating different styles and trends from different eras throughout their spaces.

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