Upgrade your Bedding

Remember as a child how “getting to redo your room” was a major status symbol of moving up the age ladder in the kid universe? Remember how mature you felt when you graduated from character bedding to your “big kid room?” Few things symbolize adulthood more than possessing sophisticated bedding. Our designers have compiled the best tips and trends in today’s bedding. We dare you not to make your bed every morning when your linens are this beautiful!

1 Today’s bedding is crisp and tailored. It is really intended to complement, not overpower, the beautiful bedframes that are available now. Upholstered beds are popular, providing a softness and contrast to the wood nightstands, dressers or other case pieces in the room.

2 Bedspreads and coverlets are on trend in natural colors and textures. These fabrics and hues allow for a soothing, subtle look that is not jarring or disruptive in a space that is intended to be restful.

3 Introduce color and interest with pillows in fabrics with saturated hues and metallic sheens. We typically design custom bedding for our clients that incorporates three euro pillows across the back, with two shams and then a third layer of either an accent pillow or long bolster pillows.

4 Folding a throw or bed scarf at the foot of the bed can provide a pretty contrast of color or texture, giving your bedding a finished look.

5 Don’t match bedding fabrics to wallcovering borders or drapery panels. This overuse of one fabric or pattern becomes overwhelming. Instead, rely on the expertise of a designer to pull a collection of fabrics in different colors and textures together for your bedding ensemble to give it a custom, sophisticated feel that you will enjoy for years to come!

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