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Thriving Off Innovation

When it comes to IT services, there are many factors to take into consideration before diving into its resources, such as what is the background of this business, and how do its services differ from others? When Elkhorn Computer Service first started, the family-owned business came in with a plan to help its community spend time on what matters.

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In 2004, the struggle to find work led Founder Bryan Thompson to start Elkhorn Computer Service. As a small, residential computer repair company, the business was built on referrals and a passion to provide the best experience possible for its clients. Fast forward to 2021, the humble business continued to slowly grow over time. With a desire to be more than just Elkhorn Computer Service, the team decided to rebrand into a company that encompasses everything it has to offer: ECS Technology Solutions.

The decision to expand the former business name was made to show company growth and highlight the team’s capabilities beyond computer services. James Thompson, Bryan’s son and President of ECS Technology Solutions, stated the rebrand “opened the doors to bigger opportunities.”

Aside from a name change, ECS Technology Solutions wanted to emphasize the importance of its core values. Many businesses are built on similar fundamental beliefs, as these guiding principles help companies work toward a common goal. Thompson and his team, however, wanted to take a different approach.

ECS Technology Solutions has three ideologies its people believe in: innovation, integrity, and family. Thompson said his employees decided to list “family” last because family is what supports everything else. Although some people may have a different family dynamic than others, Thompson said for him, his family is ECS. “The way we do business and treat each other is its own thing,” he said. “We know what it [family] means for us. It’s important, and it’s special.”

Creating a work environment that is both opportunistic and growth-centered is key to Thompson. The ECS Technology Solutions team strives to make sure all employees will be successful, even if IT has a high turnover rate.

“I want to rewrite that script and show people that you can create a business that doesn’t have to have a high turnover rate,” Thompson said. “Employees have opportunities, and everyone here is excited about having the opportunity to go as far into IT as they possibly can.”

The ECS Technology Solutions family takes pride in wanting to watch each other grow. This is why the team emphasizes the importance of both client and employee happiness, resulting in a great experience for everyone. With a constant mindset focused on improvement and growth, the business is constantly pushing itself to provide all-encompassing solutions for any size company.

Apart from residential computer repair, ECS Technology Solutions also specializes in cyber security, network management, and IT infrastructure. The team also concentrates on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is a digital phone system that gives businesses the opportunity to forward messages to personal cell phones and never miss a call.

Rebranding during a pandemic is not an easy feat. Thompson said he never wants his team to stop learning and is always pushing for employees to grow and improve. “Our goal is to make them [clients] grow as well, no matter how that might be,” he said. “Whether it’s customer service, productivity, or delivering an overall better experience, we ensure that we’re giving our part to the community.”

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