The Power of Care at your Fingertips With Marvelous Results

For as long as she can remember, Jillian Ridpath had a passion for helping others. Her caring nature and ability to connect with people led her to find her true calling. As a nurse health coach at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE), Ridpath helps members navigate their health care journey through Wellframe, a confidential, mobile-based application program provided to BCBSNE members at no cost.

“Cost is a huge factor when it comes to health care,” Ridpath said. “With this program, we’re able to provide more members with access to mental health resources and care by breaking down financial barriers.” When members engage with the digital health management tool, they are paired with a nurse health coach who works with them to come up with a personalized plan to help achieve their individual mental health and wellness goals.

Once a plan is in place, the member engages with their assigned nurse through the app at least three times a week. During these check-ins, the member receives personalized support tailored to their needs. The guidance may be a message of encouragement from their nurse care manager, a helpful article on how to reduce stress or anxiety, or other tips on how to manage their health.

“People feel stress in different ways for different reasons,” said Ridpath. “Understanding the cause of the stress or anxiety, then learning techniques to help ease the symptoms, can help you lead a more balanced, healthier life.”

Offering stress management services by way of the mobile application is another added benefit of the program. Members can receive care in the comfort of their own homes and when it’s convenient for them. “Providing a safe space in a virtual environment can sometimes help ease any anxiety someone may feel about seeking help in the first place,” Ridpath said. “We are still able to provide members with personalized care, even when we’re working with them via the mobile app.”

Ridpath added that part of why members experience success with the program is due to the individualized care they receive. “Being able to establish relationships with members and empower them with the tools they need to focus on feeling better is one of the most rewarding parts of the job,” she said.

When asked about the challenges she faces when working with members who are experiencing stress and anxiety, Ridpath reflected on her past struggles. “Anxiety is something that I have dealt with in my life,” she said. “I know how terrible it can feel and how life-altering it can be. Knowing that I’m helping someone overcome their health obstacles, improve their health and find enjoyment in life is why I do what I do every day.” To learn more about Wellframe, visit NebraskaBlue.com/Member-Services.

Wellframe is an independent company that provides mobile-enabled care management services to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska. Wellframe is responsible for its services.

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