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The Art of Wallcoverings Provide Unique Nuances

Design is about constant change and creating a fresh look. One way to add character to a room is by adding wallcoverings. Wallcoverings can display texture, pattern, and color with benefits in design and function. This design element can be displayed in different forms including wood veneer, vinyl, fabric, or even a mural. Using wallcoverings on your interior spaces is a great way to personalize your home.

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Wallcoverings can brighten a dark room, customize a space, provide the perfect backdrop for art, or set the theme for your space. They can give texture to a wall that paint is just not able to provide. If you want to add artistic flare or depth and charm to a room, wallcoverings help to achieve this goal as well. 

The use of wallcoverings is not just beneficial to the enhancement visually and aesthetically. With the right selection, high traffic areas such as hallways, entry ways, and bathrooms can be easier to maintain. The use of wallcoverings can also help acoustically by absorbing the noise from another room or keeping the sound in a particular space. 

There are many nuances to keep in mind when choosing the best option for your room or space. What is the overall feel? How bold you want to go? How many walls need to be covered? How much light is coming into the room? The professional designers at Interiors Joan and Associates have perfected the art of finding the best option to finish your space. This is accomplished by staying up to date on the latest trends and discovering a look that will suit you and your lifestyle. 

Working with a designer in our studio introduces you to an extensive variety of options. Designers are continuously educated by the most reputable companies around the world. Wallcoverings are always a personal touch. Our professional team will help you find the perfect look that complements all your goals with regard to achieving your dream space.

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