Stevens Capital Partners Delights Clients

When he borrowed his dad’s suit for a job interview over 20 years ago, David Stevens never imagined it would lead to the launch and meteoric growth of his Omaha-based SEC Wealth Management firm Stevens Capital Partners (formerly known as Purposeful Wealth). 

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As a 19-year-old in borrowed clothes (“Bell bottoms, fit for somebody 50 pounds heavier”), Stevens was following the lead of two college friends and thought he was interviewing for a mail room job at stock brokerage TD Ameritrade. In a twist unsurprising to his current clients, he scored so high on a

quantitative analysis exam that Stevens was whisked right past the mail room to become the youngest in a training class full of MBAs and retired military personnel. Stevens later graduated from the University of Nebraska Lincoln and accomplished his series 7 and series 66 as well. “That started my journey into investing and financial advising,” Stevens said of his first job, fielding client and investor services calls. “I latched onto it and loved it from the first day.”

Stevens’ journey, which includes raising four children with his wife, was a 20-year career at TD Ameritrade where he worked in all major divisions of the firm and became the top consultant in the nation out of 800 associates. That experience inspired him to conduct business differently if he were ever to start his own Registered Investment Advisor firm. He used the insight he gained from working with more than 100 investment advisory companies to establish Stevens Capital Partners. “I created a firm that took the best of what everyone did well,” said Stevens, who has earned the highest designation in the industry as a Certified Financial Planner practitioner. “I wanted to provide deeper care, better financial planning, and more dynamic investment options. I have always been relentless about client service and going above and beyond.”

One of the biggest gaps Stevens said he’s seen, from a client’s perspective, is that most advisors portray a lack of care by doing more talking than listening. “I start every conversation with, ‘I view this as a 30-year partnership,’ and I sincerely mean that. We guide each family, creating a comprehensive financial plan based upon their qualitative and quantitative personal goals. To further our impact, our firm maintains a 10% pledge, where 10% of net profits go to charitable causes such as health care for low-income families and fighting human trafficking.”

That philosophy is working, as the firm focuses on its core services of financial planning, investment management, and estate planning for individuals, families, businesses, and non-profits. Since transitioning in November 2020—in the heart of the COVID-19 outbreak—his business has doubled in size through organic growth and has a 99% retention rate. The company grew by 36% in 2022 during a down-market.

“At the end of the day, our top priority is exceeding our client’s expectations,” Stevens said. “Our vision is to partner with each family, guiding them beyond success into true legacy. We will continue to provide excellent service that positively impacts industry standards. This, beyond all else, is what sets us apart.”

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