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Sports Watching Trends in Design

Nothing says fall like the start of football season. After weathering an overwhelming spring and summer due to the stresses of the COVID-19 crisis, the return of fall sports will be more welcome than ever before. While we may not know what the return of fall sports looks like, we know that we may need to ready our homes to act as substitute stadiums. Our designers are here to tell you that a sport watching venue in your own home may not be a far-fetched dream.

1: Display your collection: Use tasteful ways to display your collectibles, creating an ambience that is not only themed but sophisticated. Avoid kitschy ways to show your team support. For instance, use built-in cabinets, shelves, or bookcases to create a neat display. We have used acrylic brackets to display footballs on theater walls, and this creative solution really worked!

2: Use team colors: A more subtle yet effective way to honor your favorite team is to incorporate their colors into your design scheme. This may be a variation of the hue in a paint color, an accent color used in art or pillows, or even a rug. The key is to utilize it as a pop against your home’s existing color palette, not to overwhelm the space in overbearing tones.

3. Have a Game Night Kit: If you prefer to have your team’s décor elements tucked away until game day, then this solution might be best for you. Store all of your sports décor in a pretty basket or tote in a closet and only bring it out on game day. These might be throw blankets, accent pillows, or special artwork.

4. Create a Bold Rec Room: The ultimate sports viewing luxury is encompassed in a true rec room. If you have the space to devote to this purpose, why not go all out with posh theater seating, ambient lighting, unique hard surfaces like granites and stones that will add to the style of the space, an upscale AV system that allows you to feel like you are right on the 50 yard line, and plenty of amenities like ice makers, wine fridges, beverage chillers, popcorn machines, and even a tap for your favorite cold brew. Billiards tables and space for other gaming will keep you and your family busy during every timeout the teams take during the big game!

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