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Shining Bright

Edge Magazine’s first “Our Youth” column started in 2017, and the first feature was Cale Ferrin. Cale stole our hearts with his larger than life personality that serves him well as he fights the disease Fanconi Anemia. But it certainly hasn’t stopped him to pursue his passion for acting. Edge staff was able to follow up with Cale and his mom Britteny Ferrin just two days before a trip to Toronto where Cale will film an upcoming TV series.

“Everything has sparked in the last 12 months for Cale,” Britteny said. After debuting the movie Nesting Doll in January, Cale headed straight to Toronto, Canada to audition against thousands of children from across the world for an upcoming series. After several auditions it was down to 10 children, seven of which were already familiar with these types of auditions. “One of the boys and his mom were a great help to us by coaching and mentoring, because we hadn’t ever been through anything like it,” said Britteny. “Cale went through a chemistry test and several auditions. Unanimously, he was selected as a top character after three to four weeks.”

Toronto’s Sinking Ship Entertainment has recently announced its new sci-fi series “Endlings” will premier in 2020 on Hulu and feature Cale as the character “Finn.” The series casts four foster children who discover they are not alone following the disappearance of the last elephant on Earth. “I’m so excited,” said Cale. “It’s a great opportunity.”

Cale’s experiences in Nesting Doll and other acting opportunities have really “validated this new journey” said Britteny. “There have been many points along the way that have proven to us that this is what Cale is meant for. It hasn’t always been easy managing everything, but it is very rewarding.”

Having experienced struggles not often seen, Cale continues to shine and grow. Being told that a child with special needs wouldn’t be chosen and overcoming acting scenes such as bullying have been a challenge. But Cale continues an incredible acting journey. “The bullying scenes were hard,” he said. “Not just for me, but also for kids who had to be bullies. Because we are all friends.” The actors are often rehearsing very emotional scenes for long periods of time.

Cale will live in Toronto for six months while filming the series and continuing his 6th grade education, which will parallel with his school in Omaha. “It will be a lot of work for Cale to stay current in school but spend long hours rehearsing and filming over the next six months,” Britteny said. “Cale had to apply for temporary residency in Canada where the filming will take place. His father and I will each spend time between Omaha and Toronto.”

Cale continues to remind us that it isn’t our circumstances that define us but how we respond to them that truly makes us who we are.

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