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Setting Sights on the Goal – Reese Booth

Elkhorn North High School sophomore Reese Booth plays basketball, volleyball, and track for her new school, which opened in fall 2020. The fledgling basketball team took it all the way, winning the Class B state championship. “It was an amazing experience and feeling,” said Booth. “Now that we have that experience, for the next three years we know what we are working towards each day.” The volleyball team, which was only freshman and sophomores last year, also succeeded in making it to a district final game in its first season. “Even though we lost that game, the next year we made it even further to the state semi-finals.”

Booth grew up surrounded by college volleyball players. Her mother, Kirsten Bernthal Booth, is the Head Volleyball Coach for Creighton University. “I learned a lot through watching. Seeing my mom’s team made me realize from a young age that I want to play volleyball in college, so that is a goal I am striving for. I have grown up around her players, and they have all been great role models and people to look up to.”

Booth’s athletic career began with playing basketball and volleyball in kindergarten, and she was playing club volleyball with Premier by fifth grade. “I am most proud of winning National level at Nationals on my 14s team. It was an experience I won’t forget.” Although it was a successful season, she also faced an obstacle that year. “I started out as a defensive specialist/libero when I was younger and then on my 14s team I was switched mid-season to a setter. I had to learn really fast. I would do setting drills at my house to touch the ball and worked on connections at practice.” This past year, her 16s team ended up eleventh in Open division, which is the top level.

Booth gets her drive from focusing on the outcome. “What gets me motivated is the end goal. Every game contributes to our post season, so being focused and ready to go helps us get better each game.” Elkhorn North Head Volleyball coach Jenny Gragert believes Booth is an exemplary athlete. “Reese is a true leader on and off the court. Her work ethic is unmatched. She goes hard in every practice which carries over to matches. Reese is a fierce competitor with high volleyball IQ. I appreciate that she makes everyone she plays with better!”

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